Rus News Journal

gosdep the USA the gay is disturbed by dispersal - parade in Moscow

the US State department has stated on May, 30th concern the dispersal which has occurred in Moscow of the action of representatives sex - minority. At attempt of carrying out unapproved the gay - parade two Americans and one Frenchman have been detained.
among arrested persons on May, 28th there were two Americans and one Frenchman - known the gay - active workers Dan Choj, Andy Tejer and Lui - George Ten. We express our concern in that peace demonstration of the Russians defending the rights of gays and lesbians which supporters from other countries have joined, force has been dispersed by their opponents, and that the Russian forces of law and order have detained people from both groups - has declared a press - the secretary gosdepa Mark Toner. As has informed RIA News The representative of management of the information and public relations of capital central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the militia has detained in the centre of Moscow more than 30 persons - supporters and opponents the gay - parade. The gay - active workers not try to carry out the first year in Moscow the action in support sex - minority, however they never managed to co-ordinate its carrying out with authorities of the capital.