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Competitive operating IP Sivkovoj S. V (OGRNIP 305110104200040, an INN 110115686508) Kalita N.B. (Syktyvkar, street May Day, d. 149, I under., 3 floor, bodies. (8212) 44 - 25 - 40) informs that the repeated auctions appointed on 20. 05. 2011, are recognised by not taken place. The auctions by the public offer appear. The initial price: the Prize 1 - 59616 rbl., the Prize 2 - 86049 rbl., operate 5 working days. Demands and documents are accepted on the working days with 12. 00 to 17. 00, to the address of the competitive managing director. In the absence of demands the initial price decreases on 10 % each 5 working days to achievement of 47,83 % of the initial price. The winner of the auctions the participant, the first presented in time the application form for participation in the auctions, containing the offer on the price of property, which not below the initial price established for the certain period of tendering admits. From the date of definition of the winner demands acceptance stops. The list of documents, an order of payment and the conclusion of the contract, data on property see the message 77030101601 the newspaper from 12. 02. 2011