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the Competitive managing director Individual businessman Zavalova Denis Vjacheslavovicha (428000, the Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, street T. Krivov, d. 14, sq. 9, an INN 212901257409, OGRN 308213033100094), operating on the basis of the decision of Arbitration court of the Chuvash Republic on business 79 - 14640/ 2009 from 14. 07. 2010, notifies on carrying out of the open auctions in the form of auction on sale of property of the debtor to the address: 428003, the Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, School journey, d. 1, of. 307.

the Prize 1: the Vehicle of Dodge Nitro SXT, VIN 1D8GUB8R37W740364, z. 100 21RUS, 2007 of release. Are a subject of pledge in Bank VTB 24 (Joint-Stock Companies) according to the Credit contract. Debts under the credit contract on 10. 11. Makes 1 412 555,87 rbl. the Initial price of a prize makes - 935 000,00 roubles 2010. The size of the deposit of 10 % from the initial price of a prize. Step of auction of 5 % from the initial price.

auction will take place 05. 07. 2011 in 15. 00 to the address the Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, School journey, d. 1, of. 307, ph. 8 - 937 - 392 - 30 - 88. For participation in auction the applicant makes out the demand and lists the deposit on r/ with 40802810800000000685 in branch of Open Society Bank AVB to Cheboksary, to/ with 40302810800001000010, BIK 049706714. Acceptance of demands comes to an end 4. 07. 2011 in 17 ch. 00 minutes should be applied On the application form for participation in the auctions following documents:

an extract from EGRJUL (for the legal person), an extract from EGRIP (for the individual businessman), copies of the documents proving the identity (for the physical person), properly certified translation into Russian of documents on the state registration of the legal person or the state registration of the physical person as the individual businessman according to the legislation of the corresponding state (for the foreign person); the document confirming powers of the person on realisation of actions on behalf of the applicant.

the winner of auction the participant who has offered the greatest price admits. Within 5 working days the competitive managing director directs to the winner of the auctions a copy of the report and the offer to conclude a purchase contract of property. Payment of property - within thirty days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale.

the additional information, an order of acquaintance on bodies. 8 - 937 - 392 - 30 - 88.