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the Decision of Arbitration court of the Saratov region from May, 19th, 2011 on business 57 - 13567/ 2010 Limited liability company Building and repair of roads , Saratov, street Moscow, d. 159 (OGRN 1073023000247, an INN 3018313070) is recognised by insolvent (bankrupt), openly competitive manufacture concerning the debtor for the term of 6 months. Definition of Arbitration court of the Saratov region from May, 19th 2011 on business 57 - 13567/ to 2010 competitive managing directors confirms Maevsky Roman Aleksandrovich, a member of Noncommercial Partnership the Regional self-adjustable organisation of professional arbitration managing directors 105005, Moscow, and/ I 151. The address for correspondence: 410028, Saratov, and/ I 5035. Requirements of creditors can be shown to the address: 410028, Saratov, and/ I 5035, ph. 8 (8452) 457054. The register of requirements of creditors is subject to closing after two months from the date of publication of data on a recognition of the debtor the bankrupt and about opening of competitive manufacture.