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Limited liability company Leks Konsalt " is new; (an INN 5321132449, OGRN 1095321001324, the mailing address: 173007, Great Novgorod, street Kaberova - Vlasevsky, 19, e - a mail: novalexconsult@mail. ru, contact ph. +79210219855), the organizer of the auctions, informs on change of date carrying out of the open electronic auctions in the form of auction with the open form of giving of the offer on the price on sale of property GOUP housing and communal services Novzhilkommunservis (Great Novgorod, pr - t Charles Marx, d. 3; an INN/ a check point 5321033840/ 532101001, OGRN 1025300803659), and also about change of term of the beginning of granting of demands and dates of leading of results of the auctions which will be spent on an electronic platform of Open Society the Center of realisation (an INN 7704223493, OGRN 1027700050663, 119019, Moscow, a lane Nashchokinsky, the house 14) in a network the Internet to the address: www. centerr. ru, according to the message on the tendering published in the newspaper 81 from 07. 05. 2011 (the announcement 77030170928 ). The auctions will be spent 01. 08. 2011 in 10 - 00 hour. Date of summarising of the auctions 02. 08. 2011. A date started of demands acceptance - not later than 25 days before date of tendering.