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To us have presented idea

the First responses to our photo albums and photos vkontakte!
We have already placed them in the several groups devoted landscape and interernomu to design (for example: http:// vkontakte. ru/ photo - 57491_133845202, http:// vkontakte. ru/ photo - 57491_133845204?, http:// vkontakte. ru/ photo - 11001721_138070430).

Two students of agricultural HIGH SCHOOLS ask to tell in detail, how we do phytowalls - it is necessary for the diploma .

There is also one offer - any money for carrying out the master - a class on manufacturing techniques of phytowalls . Here that is called, thanks for idea!

it is valid, why to us in the near future and not to carry out such action, without opening, certainly, all our patented secrets? :) For our strategy - to spread idea of vertical gardening is quite will approach!

Two messages from interested architects with practical questions: how much zelenja ?

we did not wait for a Considerable quantity of responses, the goods at us specific enough. A pleasant surprise! Though also not sales.