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Head of Mountain Altai has united opposition

a Number of the left and right political parties and Republic Altai public organisations have directed to president Dmitry Medvedev the reference with the request not to renominate to a post of the head of region of Alexander Berdnikov. In their opinion, the governor on the business qualities “ does not correspond to the status of head “ and its subordinates have soiled themselves scandal. Some experts it is low estimate chances of the governor of reassignment, however local United Russia party members name its work fruitful.
as the chairman reskoma has informed the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Victor Romashkin, at the initiative of communists to president Dmitry Medvedev the reference with the request has been directed not to renominate to a post of the head of Republic Altai of operating governor Alexander Berdnikov. Signatures under the reference were put by leaders of local branches “ the Apple “ and “ the Just cause “ And also representatives of some public organisations, including republican public chamber. The reference has been supported on October, 11th on the meeting which participants have condemned Alexander Berdnikov`s activity and its governments during the last years.

according to opposition, the republic is in “ deep crisis “ however the governor and its government “ do not see existing problems, do not know expectations and alarms of the population “ and in the report of the head of Altai for four years of work there was no criticism and self-criticism. The discontent podpisantov has caused also that on celebrating 70 - letija Altay territory (in 2007) Alexander Berdnikov has actually called for republic and Altay territory association then the parliament has been compelled to accept the reference about inadmissibility of liquidation of Republic Altai as the subject of the Russian Federation. Have remembered to Alexander Berdnikov and “ shameful for the power “ brakonerskuju hunting on krasnoknizhnyh the animals, organised by subordinates of the governor. We will remind, on January, 9th current year in an air crash seven persons, including the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in Alexander Kosopkina`s State Duma were lost. vitse - the prime minister of the Altay government Anatoly Bannyh participating in this hunting, after scandal has retired. “ executive power has made everything to lower this business on brakes “ - it is told in circulation. “ we Hope, our reference will be heard by the president. We are ready to participate in discussion and support of any other worthy nominee “ - Victor Romashkin has declared „“.

powers of governor Berdnikov expire on January, 20th, 2010. On October, 8th “ an United Russia “ has carried out in Moscow consultations on candidates for governors. The first deputy of the head of the Office of the President Vladislav Surkov, the chairman of a high council of party Boris Gryzlov, and also the leader of regional branch have taken part in them “ an United Russia “ the speaker of the state meeting Ivan Belekov. Till October, 21st “ an United Russia “ should offer the candidates to the president of the Russian Federation, and it, in turn, - to notify party on the decision till November, 21st. However, under the information from “ an United Russia “ the next three days can pass the next round of consultations of party with mister Surkovym. It is not excluded that already in the beginning of the next week United Russia party members will transfer to Dmitry Medvedev the next lists of candidates in governors, including on Republic Altai.

regional branch “ an United Russia “ supports the governor. At recent meeting of the public head of the Altay United Russia party members Ivan Belekov has estimated its work as “ fruitful “. “ The main thing, head has defended the status of republic and promoted association of the Altay and Russian people “ - he has declared.

experts with such estimation do not agree. In the fifth rating of political survival rate of governors published in the end of September (it make fund “ the Petersburg policy “ and the International institute of political examination) the head of Republic Altai has got to the category “ dvoechnikov “. As arguments against its reassignment experts have specified scandal round  destruction of mister Kosopkina, presence of internal opposition and failure of the project of association with Altay territory. Political scientist Alexander Kynev possible applicants for a post of the head of Altai named candidates who have been rejected last time, - the councillor of federation from republic Ralifa Safina and the deputy of the State Duma Sergey Pekpeeva.