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Krasejr is not on sale

In Krasnoyarsk have passed the first auctions on sale of property of the gone bankrupt airline Krasejr . From hundred prizes exposed on auction it was possible to sell only 11 for a total sum of 2,1 million rbl. Most likely, the gain from the auctions will be directed on repayment of debts of the company under the salary (it is estimated in 100 million rbl.), and the creditors who have shown to Krasejr requirements on 14 mlrd rbl., will not receive in general anything.
as have informed in a press - service UK Pokrovsk gate (operates Open Society actives Krasejr ) On the auctions on Thursday 100 prizes, including real estate, non-material actives, financial investments, gliders of planes, aircraft engines, a personal estate, and also the requirement rights " have been exposed; Krasejr to the debtors. The general market cost of the property exposed on the auctions is estimated by a management company in 66,5 million rbl. During the auctions in Krasnoyarsk 11 prizes for the sum about 2,1 million rbl. basically have been sold these are the requirement rights to debtors Krasejr . In the near future date of the additional auctions on sale of the remained property " will be defined; - has told a press - the secretary Pokrovsk gate Tatyana Andrianov. Buyers the representative of the company did not name. According to UK Pokrovsk gate total amount of the claims declared within the limits of procedure of supervision by creditors Krasejr has made more than 14 mlrd rbl.

Krasejr Till last year was one of the largest Russian airlines and the basic company of aviation alliance AiRUnion. 51 % of shares of company belonged to the state, about 40 % - to general director Boris Abramovich. In September of last year suppliers of fuel have refused to fill planes AiRUnion from - for debts, and in September of the company it was necessary to stop actually flights, and on November, 1st, 2008 at it the certificate ekspluatanta has been withdrawn. Krasejr has been recognised by the bankrupt Krasnoyarsk arbitration court on July, 6th this year under the statement of the leasing company Ilyushin finans To demanding return of 92 million rbl. for leasing of planes. Till January, 2010 competitive manufacture is entered into the companies. The court has appointed the competitive managing director of the company Victor Akimova.

Where the means obtained from passed auctions, in " will be directed; Pokrovsk collars yesterday could not specify. According to the chairman of trade union Krasejr Yury Zandarjana, earlier the company declared that first of all the means received from sale of property of airline, will go on debts repayment on a salary and severance pays of employees . The sizes of debts against the personnel mister Zandarjan estimates in 100 million rbl.

Experts results of the auctions have not surprised. the most part of the property exposed on the auctions, has very limited circle of consumers - airlines. The majority of the companies flying from Krasnoyarsk, the planes of the Soviet manufacture which were at " any more do not use; Krasejr in the property, and the property exposed on sale by it is uninteresting. Therefore at the best it has value exclusively as vtorsyre - the head of analytical service of agency " marks; Aviaport Oleg Panteleev. Earlier the president of trading house TOAP (from - for debts AiRUnion on 4 mlrd rbl. The company itself has submitted on bankruptcy) Evgenie Ostrovsky said that from all property Krasejr it is possible to sell only two planes the Yak - 40 releases of 1987 . By Oleg Panteleeva`s estimations to sell the property most part Krasejr it will be possible only with very big discount .