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the Young man held an explosive more close to a body

the Central regional court of Prokopevsk (Kemerovo region) has considered case of local resident Dmitry Yepifanov accused of storage of an explosive. The assistant western - the Siberian transport public prosecutor Oksana Gorbunova has told that on February, 23rd, 2009 at 19 - the summer Yepifanov, planning to leave to Novokuznetsk, at check there were no documents and he was invited in station police station. Under clothes of the young man field investigators have found out 300 - a gramme draught ammonita and an electrodetonator. Dmitry Yepifanov have detained. Earlier it was we judge for theft and a robbery, punishment left conditionally. On preliminary and judicial examination Yepifanov has declared that it has found an explosive near to the house. According to some information, its components have been stolen on one of mines. The field investigators who have detained Dmitry Yepifanov, tell that the arrested person consists on the account at the psychiatrist, it the glue sniffer, the addict and the alcoholic. This time the court has concerned it without indulgence, having sentenced to two years and eight months of a colony - settlements.