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Brosko the Company has dared at a throw

(Kemerovo region) will enclose in expansion to 120 million roubles

next week in Novosibirsk and Novokuznetsk the shops of a network first in these regions odezhnyh supermarkets Brosko will open. The information on it „“ was confirmed with the representative of the company “ the Trading house “Elite“ “ Sergey Razuvaev. It has designated a format of a new network as “ shops for all family “. The basis of assortment Brosko is made by inexpensive clothes, footwear and accessories. Basically production in shops is delivered from factories of Turkey. As mister Razuvaev has informed, in Novosibirsk shops will occupy the third floor in GUMe and TSUMe, a part of the second floor in “ Continent - 3 “ and also a considerable part of the ground floor of shopping centre (TTS) “ giperon “. The area of Novosibirsk shops will make an order of 2 thousand in sq. m everyone. In Novokuznetsk the shop rents a premise in TTS “ New Bajdaevsky “. One more shop will earn in Kemerovo till the end of this year.

the representative “ Elite “ has not informed the exact size of investments into the project, having limited to the remark that is the sum in “ some millions dollars “. By estimations of participants of the market, cost of opening of each such shop can make 15 - 20 million rbl., that is all the company is going to enclose in development of the Siberian market in this autumn to 120 million rbl.

the First shop of network Brosko has opened in the end of August, 2009 in Tyumen. The network belongs to Open Company “ the Trading house “Elite“ “ which, agrees to the system data “ SPARK - Interfax “ it is registered in the beginning of 2008. The director of the enterprise is Ali Asoi Kalojan. It, by data „“, the unique founder of the company. the Director of a network “ Continent “ Natalia Patrina has informed that the direct lessor for ritejlera in TTS “ Continent - 3 “ The company " has acted; Sibvez “ which is the owner of this premise. Earlier there there was one of home appliances shops “ Sibveza “ but results of its work have not arranged the company. To receive comments from Joint-Stock Company “ the Silhouette - N “ (operates GUMom and TSUMom) it was not possible. In the company „“ have informed that all authorised to communicate with the press heads “ all time are occupied “. The co-owner “ the Silhouette - N “ Vladimir Efimenko has refused comments, having declared that dialogue with tenants - “ not its level “.

In GUMe the third floor already is completely released for reception of the new tenant - all shops settling down there are closed or transferred on ground floors. To keep available tenants, owners of shopping centre had to offer mostly own trade. In TSUMe similar preparations it is not noticed yet.

the Director of consulting company RID Analytics Elena Yermolaev believes that Brosko tries to use possibilities which were given by crisis. “ almost all platforms which are occupied with this network in Novosibirsk, it is possible to consider problem. I think that for their owners occurrence of such tenant - the big good luck “ - the expert speaks. According to RID Analytics, the size of rent rates in Novosibirsk at Brosko can fluctuate from 200 rbl. for 1 sq. m a month in “ giperone “ and “ Continent “ to 500 rbl. in TSUMe and GUMe. Participants of the market also notice that the segment ekonomklassa feels today better than others and attempt create a network in this niche can to be successful. “ people are inclined to save on clothes and footwear, therefore diskauntery to a lesser degree feel on itself consumer demand falling, in them even growth of sales " is observed; - the director and the owner of the company " marks; Footwear of Russia “ (Develops, in particular, a network diskaunterov “ the Pedestrian “) Anton Titov. “ rent rates on trading real estate have decreased, became more than the free areas. The competition has decreased - the remained players are focused on preservation and business optimisation, instead of on development “ - mister Razuvaev has confirmed these estimations.

“ the trading house “Elite“ “ till the end of the year plans to open 11 more shops, till 2015 - to construct a network “ federal level “.