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the Kemerovo co-owners “ Altajvagona “ have made the decision about dopemissii

At the extraordinary meeting which has taken place on Thursday of shareholders of Open Society “ Altajvagon “ (Novoaltaisk, Altay territory) the decision to spend additional issue of actions of the enterprise - 2 million piece by 1 rbl. everyone is accepted. The meeting has passed under the chairmanship of the president supervising “ Altajvagon “ the Kemerovo holding company “ the Siberian business union “ (SDS) Michael Fedjaeva. Sale of additional actions it is planned to carry out on the closed subscription. As a result the society authorised capital stock should increase almost to 2,212 million rbl. About it the councillor of directors, the owner of 2,5 % of actions " has informed yesterday „“; Altajvagona “ Sergey Hachaturjan. As he said, for transaction approval representatives of the Kemerovo shareholders of the enterprise close to SDS, and he and Open Company under control to it " have voted; Vesta “ (It posesses 21,6 % of actions) were against. “ Issue will wash away our share holding in 10 times with what we cannot agree " in any way; - has declared g - n Hachaturjan. He considers carrying out of meeting illegal. “ under three our claims the arbitration court of Altay territory has made on October, 13th and 14 the decision on arrest of actions which have passed recently to three physical persons from Kuzbas, and, thus, they had no vote at meeting of shareholders “ - the minority shareholder has explained. As informed „“, on July, 28th, 2009 Open Society “ HK „SDS - Mashas“ “ left structure of shareholders “ Altajvagona “ and its package in 72,43 % has taken over Maxim Nikolaeva (24,6 %), Maxim Rychagova (24,17 %) and Andrey Baldin (23,65 %). Sergey Hachaturjan asserts that on the basis of its statement upon the given transaction criminal case on ch is brought. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ the Swindle made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement “) . G - n Hachaturjan considers that “ law enforcement bodies should react to results of extraordinary meeting of shareholders “ Altajvagona “ after they will be officially published “. In SDS have refused comments, having noticed only that on the decision accepted at meeting it will be informed in the terms established by the law.