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Vanity among pointes

On a scene of the Auditorium of the Moscow international house of music Valery Mihajlovsky`s Man`s ballet has staged a premiere of show - ballet Dance everything, or the Working day . TATYANA - KUZNETSOVOJ in it did not have not enough realistic details.
Sankt - Valery Mihajlovsky`s Petersburg Man`s ballet successfully exists 17 years, entertaining the Russian public amusing parodies to the ballet classics. However unlike Trokadero de Monte - Karlo the similar American troupe which have limited the problem travestijnoj klounadoj, Petersburgers wish, that them took seriously. That is why to a divertissement of classical smash hits usually add the original performance burdened with an art problem. This time it was the premiere of show - ballet we Dance everything, or the Working day Put by choreographer Andrey Ivanov - the Muscovite who has got over to New York in the beginning 1990 - h and, judging by a track record, made there not bad career.

before viewing ballet encouraged absence of claims: the vigorous libretto from 20 numbers promised the comic report on an everyday life of the actors, 15 various styles of dance including demonstration. The reality has disappointed: show obviously mowed under the Broadway, remaining at the best Brighton. Kettles, canes, brilliant silver kurtochki, scarlet frock coats with the fastened skirts and an other variety tinsel could not zaretushirovat primitiveness of a choreography and modest dancing possibilities of actors. And advertising of stylistic pantophagy has appeared a pure bluff: on various musical fragments mister Ivanov put same, maintaining firm tricks and the physical data of actors.

actually, from the Working day Also it is not necessary to demand a talented choreography - witty direction would be enough: so exotic plot as labour everyday life of men - travesti, gave for this purpose all possibilities. However the ballet master, avoiding specific details, has represented something standard on a theme of heavy ballet work. Even in thematic number Beginners two guys, having received pointes, do not try at all pokovyljat in these kolodkah, and, having put on them as gloves, creep on a floor, simulating hands female pases. The industrial episode of fast secret disguise could appear not bad striptease, but mister Ivanov has put it with hypocrisy of the old maid: the youth instantly stripped by colleagues naked, bashfully put on behind a chair back, coquetting with public, as if with the aged relative from whom it is necessary to milk dry pair of denominations on a can of beer.

the highlight of the program had been appointed number performed by Valery Mihajlovsky. The founder of Man`s ballet played show itself - the head of the troupe who have heard by phone terrible news on what has expressively informed its grown stiff person. An episode angel. Memories of the friend explained details: the mister Mihajlovsky left changed clothes for a jacket with unprofitable pockets, representing the friend . Stretched hands to the sky and turned into auditorium the deformed person. Painfully krjuchilsja from imagined blows, fell and writhed on a floor. Blows as it was found out, the destiny, and certain imagined criminals put not: from breast pockets of a jacket of the mister Mihajlovsky bunches the red tapes designating streams of blood have escaped. The hero threw ribbons in air, washed blood extremely suffered the person and a body, weakened, died, removed a jacket and, remained in a long white shirt with full sleeves, thus turned to an angel.

this tragical page the Working day It has appeared the most hilarious episode of evening - most ridiculously parody entertainments of the second, classical branches. But to laugh loudly over 56 - the summer devotee of specific man`s dance sincerely trusting in high mission of the art, was as awkwardly as in house hung up to speak about a rope. The right, is better Man`s ballet Valery Mihajlovsky competed with Americans in the general territory - travestijnogo ridicules of stamps of classical ballet. And that around and so it is too much pathetics.