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Father Andrey Kolesnikov

Masha has lost a voice. It was accident because it acts at song Theatre. It is more than that, it in what she is engaged with pleasure. It even will go to Sochi on the All-Russia children`s festival and there will sing (and Vanja, by the way, too - whether on any happy coincidence of circumstances, whether all - taki due to a misunderstanding).

In the end of August we painfully reflected, what Masha should refuse. From rhythmic gymnastics? From a piano? From from? From song Theatre?

Masha did not want to refuse what. Her life suits it in all details though, it seems to me, even at such age - and the more so at such age is an indecent rarity. I, of course, compare at once to myself and only I am upset. Almost that suits nothing me completely, almost anything, except Masha and Vani.

And even to them there are questions. I do not understand, for example, why Vanja eats ever less. It seems to me, it will soon cease to eat in general. I do not force it, because I know: it all the same will get hungry sooner or later and will want to eat. Also will start to eat. And he does not want. It is possible to tell that thus it manages to outwit me. Yes, but what price? Why he does not eat, who can explain to me? How he then lives? Or at last on light there was one more boy who eats the Holy Spirit?

and so in her life everything arranges Masha, me almost arranges nothing, and Vanju - much.

and Masha categorically did not want to refuse one additional employment which come to an end when in the street already gets dark even in the early autumn. Because all suits it.

- from from, can, we will refuse, Masha? - I asked it. - well we will pass at least year. Then again you will be engaged, as for the first time all will be.

- is not present! From from - for what! - she answered. - You truth do not understand that it means for me.

to Refuse something we tried to find in its dense, without a uniform crack to the schedule of life a place for swimming because the girl should grow thin. But I do not say to it that she should grow thin. I say that it very much likes to float, so it should float. And and truth is pleasant to it, it already now floats faster me any of three styles whom she owns thanks to Elena Gennadevne. And I did not have Elena Gennadevny...

But to hell complaints! Eventually, the main thing that at it it is.

- well, - I speak, - then from a piano?

- Perhaps, - Masha thoughtfully speaks. - and, no, no...

- Why is not present?

- Because the teacher it is a pity. She has chosen me from all pupils. She very much will be upset. I so cannot.

That is it will go on a piano from compassion to the music-master. And she has the right to test compassion to?

I could not suggest to refuse gymnastics to it for the same reasons on which it is necessary to find in her life a place for swimming.

- so, Masha, remains song Theatre.

she looks at me with such expression that I am more never, in life of anything similar to it I will never offer.

because I not the traitor. I have not made anything such irreparable in relation to children. I could not so be despised! There is nothing so to look at me! Is not present, is better I will keep silent about song Theatre - more expensively.

and here Masha has lost a voice, and we go to the doctor. We are late, because went on an art exhibition in gallery Garage Where they saw the big live snakes who live together with turtles, and peacefully because as Vanja if the snake even stings a turtle has correctly told and that will be lost all the same the snake cannot eat a turtle as at it a stone armour, and it is good that the snake understands it, and that for a long time already would bite a turtle.

they saw there as birds play electroguitars. Standing at a canvas from barley, on - to mine, grains, Vanja on a question of the girl which showed it this celebration of the modern art described still by Ilfom and Petrov, and actually tortured that it means now that`s something like it here, - Vanja on a question that these yellow circles on a red background, fairly, in my opinion, mean has noticed that through the centre of these circles if to jump in the most central point from which circles just and you will get to other measurement disperse.

Masha was silent, because it did not have a voice.

Then we had dinner in cafe where Vanja has again outwitted me or, more truly, myself and has eaten nothing, and have gone to hospital on an appointment which has defended the dissertation on a theme of the lost children`s voices.

we were late, the doctor and Alena minutes fifteen talked. It was appreciable that they already have found common language. And the doctor looked at us so that, on - to mine to make the definitive diagnosis, to examine the girl to it was already and not necessarily.

but the doctor all - taki has examined Masha. The Hippocratic Oath has not left to it other choice.

- yes, - he has told, - what hard case...

- the doctor, - has said I, - and give you ask Masha, from - for what so it could turn out. It, on - to mine, has a version.

- what it can have a version, - the doctor has laughed, - even if I while cannot precisely tell, why at it the voice was gone!

Thus he not only did not look at it, and at all has not nodded in its party.

- and you know, at it all - taki is the version, - I have told. - I think that it has put this diagnosis not worse, than, can, you will put.

and the matter is that Masha on the way to hospital in a whisper has told to me, from - for what at it the voice was gone.

- at first, - she has explained, - at me the throat strongly was ill. It and is ill till now me. Then I should go to song Theatre, and I have gone. We sang there two hours. After that I any more did not have a voice.

and to be, I think, could not.

the version was, in my opinion, more exhaustively truthful.

it seemed to me, it is necessary to confirm it at the doctor and to develop tactics of treatment, which, in my opinion, should consist in curing to Masha the sick throat which has suffered besides from not children`s love to singing.

the Doctor has indulgently looked at the girl. He as if a sight has allowed to tell to it that she thinks about it. But she has not uttered words. She was silent, and I saw that she now will begin to cry. It is absolutely intolerable, when to you do not trust, though you have not told yet words.

Vanja with grief glanced that at Masha, on the doctor, on me, on mum. It did not like this stage setting. First of all, on - to mine because it did not accept in it any participation.

- children, - the doctor has told, - and now leave, please, and play there in a hall. There toys are, horsies...

- yes we in these horsies here still have ceased to play five years ago, - has discontentedly murmured, closing behind myself a door, six-year Vanja. - If I will sit down on this horsy, it will burst...

- so, - the doctor when children all - taki left, - and now, expensive parents has said, let`s talk frankly. What happens in your family such, from - for what the girl has lost a voice? Tell.

I have with amazement looked at it. I too heard that all illnesses from nerves, but did not assume that the doctor who has defended the dissertation so it is piously convinced of it. And can, I have thought, it actually and the dissertation has protected on this theme? Then all is clear. Then, means, it continues to protect it till now - before by itself. Also it is ready without reflecting to put Masha on an altar of the victory in this heavy struggle with variable, to all signs, success.

- the doctor, it simply has broken a voice. The throat is ill it, and she sang two hours on deterioration, - I have perplexed told.

- so does not happen, - he has chilly answered.

- as it does not happen? - I have even more become puzzled.

is it would be too simple, - it has explained, and for me all became at once and really is too simple. It still wrote out a direction to the children`s neuropathologist, but I any more did not hear it. It is all it was not so important.

I remembered, than mum rinsed to me a throat when it was ill. Warm water with soda, it seems... Milk with honey still saws, precisely. Choked, but saws.

the throat at it has passed in two days. The voice has returned through three. Me is in a fever till now.