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The minister was brought by diagnostics

In Ulyanovsk the former Minister of Health of region Feodor Prokin accused of plunder as a part of organised group of 33 million of roubles of budgetary funds at carrying out of competition on purchase for regional hospital angiograficheskogo of a complex of company Siemens is arrested. In the summer on the same criminal case the head physician of regional hospital, the deputy of Legislative Assembly of region Alexander Balandin have been arrested. Still earlier - two Kaluga businessmen representing interests of the seller. Anybody from four figurants of business of the fault did not recognise. In Office of Public Prosecutor and investigating bodies notice that the list is not closed yet and accused officials it can appear more.

the Former Minister of Health of the Ulyanovsk region Feodor Prokin is arrested on charge in swindle in especially large size made with use of office position in structure of organised group (ch. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). The senior assistant administrator of SOU SKP yesterday has informed on it the Russian Federation across the Ulyanovsk region Alexander Sorokin. As he said, eks - the minister has been detained on November, 7th during interrogation to which has been invited as the witness, accusation, and in Sunday on the basis of the decision of the Railway court which has satisfied the petition of SOU SKP has been brought to it, mister Prokin has been arrested and directed to a pre-trial detention centre.

criminal case upon purchase by regional department of the medical equipment (angiograficheskogo a complex) has been raised on November, 14th, 2008 on the basis of results of the check spent by Office of Public Prosecutor after complaints some physical persons which names are not called. Investigation of the given criminal case is on special control of a management of regional Office of Public Prosecutor.

the Consequence has established that the equipment was bought on competition and, according to the report of the competitive commission, on December, 25th, 2007 the winner has been recognised by Open Company NPO Beam Diagnostics registered in Moscow. At the declared initial price of the contract in 96,3 million roubles the company has offered angiografichesky firm Siemens complex for 94,8 million roubles. Open Company the Versatile person (Samara), offered angiografichesky company Philips complex at the price in the price of 61 million roubles, not was it is admitted to competition in connection with discrepancy of characteristics of the offered goods to requirements of the competitive documentation according to the expert judgement .

As the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk region Vasily Zima has explained , the consequence considers that the minister knew real cost angiografa which hardly is more than 50 million roubles However has instructed to overestimate purchase price, and then together with the head physician of regional hospital Alexander Balandin has organised manufacturing of the necessary expert judgement because this was necessary for them angiograf . the minister has told Documents in department of public health services with instructions that purchase angiografa Siemens at NPO " is necessary; Beam diagnostics - Vasily Zima has told. - the consequence considers that as a result of the given fraud members of criminal group have appropriated about 33 million roubles .

In March within the limits of this business two Kaluga businessmen (one of which - the head " have been arrested; Beam diagnostics ) . And at night on July, 7th the head physician of regional hospital Alexander Balandin directly from hospital chamber of branch of ophthalmology where it was on treatment, has been detained and preprovozhden in a pre-trial detention centre. Soon after that Feodor Prokin involved on criminal case as the witness, has fallen ill in hospital with the diagnosis (under the informal information) a heart attack and a microstroke and then has written a resignation on a state of health.

mister Balandin, mister Prokin of the fault do not recognise, on interrogations declare that all did according to the law and rouble of budgetary funds have not appropriated .

Meanwhile the public of Ulyanovsk has applied in Office of Public Prosecutor and investigating bodies to make independent medical examination of a state of health of Alexander Balandin and to replace to it a preventive punishment with a subscription about nevyezde In connection with the hardest illness menacing by a total blindness and more by serious consequences . According to one of organizers of the reference - the vice-president of spiritual management of Moslems of the Ulyanovsk region Ilgisa Nasybullova, under the reference has subscribed already more than 5000 persons, among them policy, scientific, journalists, medical workers, officials of the regional government and even two were mayors of Ulyanovsk - Vitaly Marusin and Pavel Romanenko. In Office of Public Prosecutor the reference name pressure upon a consequence. According to Vasily Zimy, the list of participants of group is not closed yet, and in it there can be new surnames . In investigatory management cannot tell yet, how many investigation still can last. the consequence will proceed, all circumstances of this business and all participants of arrangement " will not be established yet; - mister Sorokin has noted. Lawyers accused have refused comments. If the fault of the head physician and eks - the minister is proved, it are threatened with punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term from five till 10 years.