Rus News Journal

The question price

Sergey Markedonov, the political scientist
Visit of president Saakashvili to capital of Ukraine returns us to a question on value of a geopolitical axis Kiev - Tbilisi on the post-Soviet territory. It is necessary to notice that last years the Ukrainian authorities considerably stirred up the foreign policy activity on caucasus. As acknowledgement of it serve also Ukrainian - the Georgian declaration In protection of freedom and democracy in region from August, 12th, 2005, and the initiative of president Yushchenko on change of a format of peace-making mission in Abkhazia and Nagornom Karabahe, and the weapon scandal connected with five-day war in Georgia.

in the Russian expert and political circles this activization, as a rule, limit to frameworks Guam (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova) as original alternative of the CIS or explain a generality of two leaders of colour revolutions. However business is not reduced to typological relationship by two unloved Moscow presidents.

at more stare on a problem it is found out that the basic approaches of Kiev have been formulated long before orange revolution and formation Guam, at presidents of Kravchuke and Kuchma. In what the question price for caucasus consists for Kiev? The main task proclaims positioning of as a geopolitical magnet for the countries of the Black Sea region, and also the locomotive for integration into euro - the Atlantic structures. The aspiration to play a role alternative (or at least additional) the peacemaker and the compiler of the, distinct from Russian experience socially - political transformations to region Besides, is available.

however unlike the present president of Ukraine its predecessors who had the special sight at problems of caucasus, thus did not enter confrontation with Moscow. And at all from reasons of special love to Russia, and from - for a self-preservation instinct. The state with incomplete identity does not presume to ignore to itself that part of own fellow citizens which should are ready to the conflict to Russia, but consider its as the second, if not the first Native land.

meanwhile the split community can have the sight which is not coinciding with a position of the Russian Federation, can even criticise Moscow for support of separatists . But it does not presume to itself the conflict with mighty the neighbour because the confrontational scenario will not find support in the country. Apparently, the new Ukrainian leader should consider this reality, having spent serious updating of a policy of Kiev on caucasus.