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Battalion KES - Holding &quo t; Generation of Ural Mountains finishes on the Perm thermal power station - 9 works on reconstruction of boiler rooms

On the Perm thermal power station - 9 battalions Generation of Ural Mountains KES - Holding reconstruction of boiler rooms and pump installations of water-heating boiler power station comes to the end. Installation boiler rooms play a considerable role in a thermal power station production cycle - they warm up the network water submitted from collectors of thermal power station in system of centralised hot water supply of a city. The basic stage of reconstruction boiler rooms of installations of station has been spent last year. Thanks to it there was a possibility to increase the expense of network water and, thereby, to connect new consumers of heat. In 2009 realisation of a final part of the project - equipment of network pumps of a boiler room of installation by high-frequency drives comes to the end. In the near future start of all three installations in commercial operation is planned. In 2009 on boiler room reconstruction it has been directed 13 million roubles. The total cost of realisation of the project has made 223 million rbl. For today the Perm thermal power station - 9 is the most powerful thermal power station on development of thermal energy among battalion stations Generation of Ural Mountains and on electric power manufacture - the leader among company thermal power station in the Perm edge. The established electric capacity of thermal power station - 9 - 447 MVt, thermal - 1 633,8 Gkal/ ch. On the termination of reconstruction of boiler rooms the total connected thermal loading of thermal power station - 9 will increase that as a result will raise reliability of a heat supply of consumers.