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The Moldavian parliament could not choose the president

Parliament of Moldova on November, 10th could not even start voting by the nominee of Mariana offered by a ruling alliance the Magnifier on a state post of the head. Communists have constrained the promise not to vote for the traitor also have left a boardroom. Thus for the statement the Magnifier there were no eight deputy voices. Now the parliament lower chamber has one more chance to elect president - in case of repeated failure dissolution of parliament and new coil of political crisis in Moldova are inevitable.
the oppositional communist party presented in parliament of Moldova by 48 mandates, has remembered the old insults and boycotted voting by a nominee of the president of the country. We will remind, in June correcting then communists offered on this post a nominee of premieres - the minister of Moldova of Zynaida Grechanoj. For its statement they did not have all one voice twice. This time at correcting Alliance for the European integration the situation has developed worse - in the presence of 53 voices it was necessary for them to collect eight more for the statement of candidate Mariana the Magnifier. Communists have declared that to participate in a political farce do not gather.

the additional irritation of members of the company is connected with the Magnifier - earlier it was in their numbers, however after party leadership refusal to put forward it on a post of the president instead of Grechanoj Marian the Magnifier has gone over in democratic party.

now in 30 days the Moldavian members of parliament will have a second chance to choose the president. In case of failure fulfilling the parliament will be obliged to dismiss duties of head of the state Mihaj Gimpu and to appoint date of early election. It is remarkable that under the law it is possible to dismiss parliament only time in calendar year - in June of current year this possibility already has been used.