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&quo t; to Constellation &quo t; has had luck

Roskomnadzor has published the competitive documentation on the first tenders for frequencies for mobile WiMax. According to documents, operators will start networks in 40 regions of the country not later than in one and a half year after reception of licences, but it is obligatory on the Russian equipment. Its release now actively masters defensive concern Constellation (head office in Voronezh) within the limits of joint venture with Israeli Runcom Technologies and Russian the Alliance . However, operators are afraid that problems can arise with the equipment.
it is a question of frequencies 2,3 - 2,4 GHz for mobile WiMax in 40 regions Russian Federations. By means of WiMax the subscriber can use broadband access to the Internet for the speed of 120 km/ ch. Till now frequencies were distributed on competitions, but last year a resource recognised as scarce. The first competitions will pass in February - March, 2010, and operators should begin granting of services within one and a half years from the moment of licence reception.

the competitive documentation shows a number of requirements to participants of the tender for frequencies. In particular, the applicant should not be in process of liquidation, company division, and also in the course of bankruptcy. Applicants also should not have debts under taxes and tax collections in budgets of all levels as of October, 1st, 2009. Roskomnadzor will estimate a financial condition of the companies by own technique: depending on a condition operators will get points. Besides, Roskomnadzor will estimate the sum with which the applicant can involve for network building in concrete region: the minimum sums make from 4 million roubles in republic Altai to 321 million in the Kemerovo region. But it is possible to name the most important requirement that applicants will be obliged to build the networks on the Russian equipment.

the Press - the secretary of group Sinterra Ekaterina Andreeva has told that in the conditions of competition of the operator confuses the requirement about use of the equipment of the Russian manufacture. all declared regions are interesting to us almost, but we cannot submit the demand without preliminary testing of the equipment. While we did not see even test samples - madam Andreeva has explained.

the Commercial director of the operator Enforta Oleg Tajnov believes that though the requirement to build a network on the Russian equipment and limits possibilities of operators, it is not fatal. in Russia there are some manufacturers who can adjust in short terms mass release of the equipment for WiMax. Besides, foreign players can localise assemblage. Therefore the big problems should not to arise - Oleg Tajnov has underlined. Problems will not be. Escalating of capacities - a technical problem which quickly dares. Personally I worry for demand from the population on services 4G " more; - Sergey Alyoshin, general director RWM Alliance (tells joint venture Israeli Runcom Technologies, and also Russian the Alliance and defensive concern Constellations with head office in Voronezh.

the first operator mobile WiMax in Russia Skartel (a brand - Yota; has obtained licences without competitions in 2007 - 2008) will not participate in tenders, has told PR - director Yota Natalia Tsarevsky - Djakina. In all cities of planned presence the company possesses licences in a frequency range 2,5 - 2,7 GHz. We build the network on similar frequencies. Besides, world WiMax - operators, such as Clear (USA) and UQ (Japan), also build the networks in frequencies 2,5 - 2,7 GHz that will allow us to organise in the near future WiMax - roaming - the madam Tsarevsky - Djakina has explained. She has added that building of networks exclusively on the Russian equipment - brave enough problem. large foreign suppliers from the Russian are distinguished by already stored real experience of own development of networks Mobile WiMax. Technology and ability to make base station or the device - only half-affairs. To become the telecommunication supplier, it is necessary to possess own nou - hau, knowledge and long-term experience nastraivanija and expansions of such networks in actual practice - Natalia Tsarevsky - Djakina summarised.