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The parliament of Moldova could not choose the president

Parliament of Moldova in the third time for this year could not choose the president of the country.
deputies from Communist party have left a boardroom, having refused to vote for the uncontested candidate - the head of Democratic party, eks - the speaker of parliament Mariana the Magnifier. Communists have declared that will not participate at this political farce . Without communists correcting liberally - a democratic coalition (Liberal, Liberally - democratic, Democratic parties and an alliance Our Moldova ) Choose the head of the state cannot - at association of 53 deputy mandates while 61 voice is necessary for election of the president. The oppositional Communist Party is presented in parliament by 48 deputies. Two first attempts to elect the president - on May, 20th and on June, 3rd this year - were carried out by the communists possessing in parliament of last convocation by 60 mandates. But to select the president of that time the prime minister - the minister Zynaida Grechanuju it it was not possible - there was no one voice, and all other parties presented in parliament to participate in elections did not become, reminds on November, 10th RIA News .