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&quo t; Hardly this order " was gave to us;

the state tests of a nuclear-powered submarine " on November, 15th will begin; the Seal . The governor of Khabarovsk territory Vyacheslav Shport has informed On it on the memorable meeting which has passed in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid a year later after failure by the boat which has carried away lives of 20 persons. At factory assure that the Seal to check it is ready, and algorithm of management of system pozharotushenija the SUCKER which unapproved operation became a cause of the tragedy, it is changed. Meanwhile the certificate of the state commission investigating causes of accident on to the Seal it is hidden under a signature stamp top secret and the investigation of the case proceeds till now.

past Sunday in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid pochtili memory of 12 townspeople - workers of Open Society the Amur ship-building factory (ASZ) and Open Society Amur Ayr members of a delivery command of a nuclear-powered submarine the Seal Victims on November, 8th last year as a result of failure on the first trial runs of a submarine in sea of Japan. By an anniversary of tragical event ASZ on which 18 years the submarine was under construction, has opened a memorial of memory of the lost experts.

one year ago komsomolchan, become by victims of failure on to the Seal have buried near to Avenue of honourable citizens on a city cemetery. The memorial has been built under the initiative and on factory means. On a monument words appear: We remember you and we love. We grieve immensely, you - our pain, you - our glory . In meeting participated a management and workers of the enterprises, relatives of victims, veterans, the governor of Khabarovsk territory Vyacheslav Shport, the vice-president of a legislative thought of edge Evgenie Sidjurkin, mayor Vladimir Mikhalev. hardly this order was gave to us. We in a debt to victims. The memorial is a certificate of memory on victims, a symbol of grief not only the family, but also all townsmen - has declared, acting on mourning action, general director ASZ Nikolay Povzyk.

a nuclear-powered submarine the Seal (To - 152, the project 971, a class the Pike - works number 518) concerns submarines of the third generation.

on November, 8th, 2008 during trial runs Seals as a result of unapproved inclusion of the automated system pozharotushenija the SUCKER 20 persons were lost (from them 17 civil experts), 41 more has been hospitalised. In total onboard a nuclear-powered submarine there were 208 persons. According to the version of the investigation, the originator of failure is one of watchmen, the sailor - contract employee Dmitry Grobov to whom accusation on ch is brought. 3 items 109 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( death Causing on imprudence to two and more persons ) . State commission according to preliminary data working by a boat, in system the SUCKER has appeared freon with an impurity poisonous tetrahloretilena, as has served as a cause of death of crewmen.

the governor of Khabarovsk territory Vyacheslav Shport at memorable ceremony has informed that on November, 15th the Seal should leave on the state tests. the greatest memory the victim - to finish the begun business. We should hand over a boat when due hereunder to start the following order - the head of region has declared. Earlier he informed that in September the submarine has successfully finished the third stage of factory trial runs and is in good degree of readiness .

Chief engineer ASZ Alexander Merinov has confirmed yesterday that the state tests Seals will begin on November, 15th. As he said, submarine production tests have passed according to plan, and their program has been executed without remarks. State tests should occupy an order of two weeks with possible updating on adverse weather conditions - mister Merinov has informed, having refused to inform any additional data, having referred to closeness of the given information.

the general director dostroechnoj bases ZSO the East (branch ASZ in the Big Stone) Alexander Vishnjakov for the same reasons has not specified yesterday neither the program of tests, nor degree of readiness for them a submarine. However, earlier chief engineer ASZ declared to local mass-media that at present on a submarine small remarks which have been received during factory trial runs " are eliminated;. Representatives of a state quality control study the documentation, technics and if all suits them will resolve an exit in the sea - mister Merinov explained.

we will remind, on re-testing the Seal left in July. For restoration of a nuclear-powered submarine after failure it has been spent an order 1,9 mlrd rbl. The allocated Ministers of Defence. On these means, according to the chief of department of tests ASZ Anatoly Zinoveva, freon in system pozharotushenija has been replaced, audit of all equipment and cleaning of premises is spent, and also retraining of a delivery command is carried out. Its structure, according to representatives ASZ, practically has not changed - even victims have passed rehabilitation and again have returned on workplaces . According to mister Zinoveva, on to the Seal it was not made any technical improvements, and only was the algorithm of management by system pozharotushenija " is changed;.

Meanwhile, total conclusions of the state commission investigating failure on to the Seal till now are not published: on the certificate made by it the signature stamp " is put; Top secret and document copies on - former are studied by military men and the Office of Public Prosecutor, spending on them additional work . The consequence on tragedy also is not finished yet. According to a source in military investigatory management on Pacific fleet, Dmitry Grobov`s sailor whom, under the version of the investigation, the SUCKER from the local panel has started system, is at present on a subscription about nevyezde and serves on Kamchatka.