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We will make IT - business effective. Evolution

Efficiency - here that excites today everyone, from the large businessman possessing a mullions-strong condition, to the ordinary inhabitant who has established in the house the two-tariff counter on the electric power for the purpose of economy.
from the very beginning company Oversan advancement - Skalaki, in whom I (Andrey artishchev) work the commercial director, reflected me in imidzhevom a key. Activity of the Company, service, it given, directly are connected with efficiency, economy, optimisation. Therefore, the ideal result of all work on imidzhevomu to advancement to me represented the following: the person hammering in search “ Yandex “ a word “ efficiency “ on the first place in delivery sees the reference to a site of Oversan - Skalaksi and on the contrary. Thus, me at all did not confuse that the basic idea of advancement will not be directly svjazanna with a product - the Cloudy hosting.

Large business actively is engaged imidzhevymi in projects in the different purposes: with a view of pr, social or advancing the offers not in a straight line, and oposredovanno.

Target clients of Oversan - Skalaksi are economic customers (managing directors, commercial directors, project managers) it is absolutely not interesting to them to read technical characteristics of our servers to understand how they work. The similar information is interesting only to technically grounded people, but decisions on purchases of our product are accepted not by them.

to draw the attention of such clients it is possible through mediated, but a theme interesting to them - efficiency. The idea afilirovannogo from the basic field of activity of marketing movement is interesting and netrivialna. It will draw attention and is an interesting variant for the company focused on the commercial customer, to leave on the clients as the company “ for all “. It allows the enterprise to tell about itself, to create a name and info a field, to interest the public and potential customers simultaneously.

for example, ΐpple propagandise “ green “ a theme, advancing in the market the non-polluting and safe monitors which are not containing harmful materials and substances. The company declares that creates the production with care of environment, and it means that their monitors economically spend energy and are suitable for secondary processing. As a result the consumer gets “ the green monitor “ caring only of own image as no consumer difference between monitor Apple and any other modern monitor with similar technical to characteristics practically is present. And, it is necessary to notice that other companies also make ecologically safe monitors, but do not duplicate this theme, do not untwist them with “ green “ positions. Getting production Apple, the consumer openly declares to everything that he cares of environment and automatically gets certain reputation. More in detail about this action it is possible to read here: http:// www. apple. com/ ru/ imac/ environment. html

Other example: company IBM has based and in every way propagandises movement “ Smart Planet “ declaring that today the world is on the threshold of serious changes, and it is necessary to approach to each of them reasonably, with mind, to find new decisions of old problems, doing our world and a planet it is better. IBM results real examples, a demo - cases in which it is told how by means of equipment IBM the world becomes cleverer in any spheres from granting of services, to industrial and transport systems. For example, the company has removed and rastirazhirovala video - a roller in which simple inhabitants of Stockholm told that their life became better after city authorities have entered paid entrance to its central part as the ecological condition has improved. Thus, as though “ by the way “ it was said that the equipment which has made such innovation possible, has been developed and introduced by company IBM. IBM - a part of the clever decision. And such videos - rollers are removed on various themes, in each of which innovation IBM bring invaluable advantage everywhere wherever have been introduced. The company has got popularity and the information on it as about the innovator, the reliable and technological partner has settled in heads of people at subconsciousness level.

to what brand to trust it is more: IBM or Huawei? What server to prefer: IBM or noname OEM server by Ρhina? Now, when before the consumer there will be a question, a product of what firm to it to prefer, subconsciousness obligingly will prompt to it. Video - a roller and the other information on advancement IBM:

http:// www - 01. ibm. com/ software/ ru/ solutions/ smartwork/

www. ibm. com/ planeta/ ru

http:// habrahabr. ru/ blogs/ Sun/ 73140/.

Examples of these two communications are similar “ to Movement for efficiency “ which my company was engaged, actively advancing it in various social networks. About results of this advancement I wrote in the previous reports, and they were impressing, but not so worthy as I initially conceived. As practice has shown, I have threatened on too big piece of a pie, having decided to propagandise efficiency, without concentrating on company target audience.

Experience of advancement in social networks from the point of view of sales nonpluses many companies, including many participants of a joint experiment “ the Businessman “ and Mail. ru. In the reports, company Panasonic writes about the experience of active work with resource Twitter: “ Through tvitter to us it was not possible to sell - only 11 razors it has been sold at the ridiculous price “. Also, in the company report the information on experience of sales through Twitter, got by company Dell contains: “... Company Dell which has sold through service of microblogs of Tvitter of the goods on 3 million of dollars at a turn in 61 billion of dollars in 2008 “. Unfortunately, a conclusion here only one. To be engaged in grocery advancement in social networks, of course, it is possible, but it demands serious investments in promotion, in various actions and competitions to support a little - malski adequate figures of activity and to urge on users on acquisitions. All it will demand powerful expenses, including on services professional SMM - agencies. Considering all expenses on advancement, the sure gain from sales in social networks all the same cannot cover article of expenses.

unfortunately, for a large brand except as the loyalty program it is not necessary to consider community. The community is possible and it is necessary to consider as the tool of the program of loyalty. However, any enterprise has not the right to forget about the one who is target audience of its mass messages. Thus, communications should be built according to interests and preferences of those people who can become subsequently your clients.

target audience of Oversan - Skalaksi is the large Internet - business. Marketing of our company does not have such problem that about us daily spoke everything, including owners of blogs or the system administrators supporting sites of machine-building factories. Because “ Movement for efficiency “ is a daughter of marketing of Oversan - Skalaksi also its purposes should correspond to the company purposes. We took initially too big theme and, accordingly, there was a necessity to be focused on more exact performance of problems.

I began to ask myself questions on how it to make? What will be interesting to our clients in movement for efficiency? How to combine requirements of clients with movement? Also has given itself following answers:

1. To be interesting to business - it is necessary to focus attention to business - the cases connected with efficiency at the enterprises, instead of on personal human themes which are represented interesting within the limits of one individual.

2. To be interesting the Internet - to businessmen, it is necessary to write about that worries every day any of them - efficiency business - processes and management in the company.

the Basic message, idea which should become clear to each of target audience by means of communications, consists that company Ovesrsan - Skalaksi is effective not only regarding an infrastructure by its optimisation by means of a cloudy hosting, but also in general in it and the Internet - business. Thus, “ Movement for efficiency “ receives new life. By means of community, in which councils will be published how to make the Internet - business effective, we will develop scale struggle for “ kajdzen “ (continuous movement for increase of profitability and efficiency of business). And articles on a theme it is possible to write councils not only, but also to invite to cooperation of those who faces the described problem and is interested in ways of their decision and Michael Tokovinin (the general director is ready to tell interesting about it, for example a web - studios Qsoft):

How to estimate indicators a web - studios,

Management of the project - toolkit or to interview sign persons from sphere IT and telecommunications:

Management of hypergrowth.

I have come, also, to a conclusion that it is not necessary to write about subjective and therefore challenged things, such as marketing, advertising and strategy, and it is necessary to concentrate on themes universal and sick for all: construction of a sales department and what for it is necessary CRM in a sales department and as an example, to tell about SalesForce or HighRise from 37signals, or whether to think of that it is necessary to conduct working out in trekerah and what for - we will admit BaseCamp, system of active planning and dynamical management of working out Agile and so on... The basic theme for discussion - Management, EFFICIENCY of work of collective and business in the Internet and IT.

the Purpose of these communications consists in becoming analogue of magazine “ a firm Secret “ But in sphere the Internet, it and innovative manufacture (from hybrid engines and quantum computers, to rockets). The theme of operation of business, the personnel and labour productivity is actual today for many Companies, and is far not in the last instance it is interesting the Internet - to business. To write on the designated theme we will be not abstruse, boring offers, and considering concrete practical examples, business - cases of successful administrative decisions.

also, with periodicity in three - five - seven posts, we will consider the cases connected with quality and management, on examples of the business interesting to our target audience, that is connected with high technologies that as - that to freshen a theme, to hook interest of audience. What themes interest IT and the Internet - experts? Alternative power, astronautics and other scientific workings out. As one of ideas: Interesting to our target audience will be interview to top managers and chief engineers of hybrid engines of Toyota Prius, electromobiles Tesla. They can tell, how conducted working out, and, it is not so much from the point of view of manufacture, namely focusing attention to the manufacture and working out organisations - management. To read about that such Tesla model S is possible practically on any automobile portal or a site for tehnofrikov (TechCrunch, Engadget, Gizmodo) - and here what approach in management at management of the company and working out similar vysokonauchnyh was applied by that to develop such proryvnye products - such information today it is impossible to find.

Result of all our efforts becomes “ Movement for Efficiency “ in branch close to us which will be interesting to the most active people from target audience of Oversan - Skalaksi. They, besides, can become and our clients with bolshej a probability share, rather than someone another. Time them interest not only new technologies, but also how they take root and put into practice, most likely, such people will be interested also by introduction of innovative products on a hosting for their infrastructure from Oversan - Skalaksi.

Thus, my company will get reputation of the expert on innovations and management of them, the expert in the Internet - business. When the potential customer will be puzzled with a question of a choice of the contractor on a hosting, the answer will be obvious.

thanks for attention, Andrey artishchev.

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