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The turnover of goods of ports of Primorski Krai was stabilised

Sea transport

Open Society Turnover of goods “ East port “ for January - October of current year has made 12441,1 thousand t, having increased in comparison with a similar indicator of last year by 1 %. Thus, as they say in the company message, a specialised coal complex was ξαπΰαξςΰνξ10446,1 thousand t (decrease on 1 %), and universal is industrial - a reloading complex -

1995 thousand t (growth on 14 %). In October through Open Society moorings “ East Port “ has passed 1088,2 thousand t cargoes that on 15 % there are more than indicators of October of last year. The basic shareholder of Open Society “ East Port “ - Eastern Stevedoring Holdings Corp. (affilirovan with “ Kuzbassrazrezuglem “) 74,57 % of actions own. The port turnover of goods in 2008 has made 14998,4 thousand t (decrease on 8 % concerning indicators of 2007), the coal share has made 93,5 %.

Open Society Turnover of goods “ the Vladivostok sea trading port “ (VMTP) in January - October, 2009 has grown on 2 % about the relation to the similar period of last year and has made 5213,4 tys t. In an export direction by port it is processed 3616,7 thousand t (growth on 43,6 %), inward cargoes it is processed 790,1 thousand t (decrease on 51 %), and coasting - 806,6 thousand t (decrease on 17,5 %). In October, 2009 by port it has been processed 647,7 tys t. Cargoes that on 18 % indicators of the similar period of last year exceed. The port turnover of goods in 2008 has made 5914,8 thousand t, having increased by 21 %. Open Society “ VMTP “ transport group FESCO and the structures close to management of port own.