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Yacht ISA 120

in the Italian city of Ancona has descended From building berths new 37 - the metre superyacht of series ISA 120 (International Shipyards Ancona), developing unknown for this class of boats speed - 60 km/ ch. Descent of a boat to water, or as captains speak, dump, - action long-awaited and consequently solemn. The first liquid to which the boat case adjoins, - holy water from hands of the Catholic priest. The second - champagne from operating shipyard. And only the third - salty water of Adriatic Sea.

in England when - that told: If you have a boat, its length should be not less than age of the owner now to luxury units of measure speed was added.

all technical characteristics ISA 120 are subordinated to three principles - speeds, to comfort, safety. Their combination also does ISA 120 simultaneously both luxury, and ideal means of transportation on water. Unprecedented high-speed characteristics provide three 12 - the cylinder engine with capacity of 2 thousand in l. With., which put in action three vodometa. Central it is motionless, and two lateral, similar to fighter nozzles, do a boat supermaneuverable. This design does almost unnecessary such romantic unit as a steering wheel, and the captain operates a vessel, as if two joysticks. The easy case from plastic and power of motors allow to rush on water, swallowing waves, with a speed of 60 km/ ch. On tests this indicator even has been a little exceeded. Thus vodometnaja installation does not give vibration and essentially is more silent than screw draught. Has not had the luck only to a jamb of a sea trifle: having got in vodomet, it has turned to a flock of flying small fishes, having flushed metre on three.

one more innovative decision - stabilising system Quantum. Underwater wings of this mechanism continuously react to movement of waves, suppressing rolling even on parking. The length ISA 120 (120 foots, or 37) does not give true representation about dimensions of it plavsredstva. The yacht height makes about 11 m, and a floor space (not including technical premises and a crew zone) - an order of 250 sq. m. the Space is planned so that, except the captain, the command from four persons did not catch sight to the owner of a vessel and its visitors. Series ISA 120 concerns a category semi - custom, that is the case of a boat typical, and its equipment and an interior can vary according to whims of the owner. Such approach allows to build a boat faster others - for one and a half year.

our sample ISA 120 at will of the owner is painted in colour a cream - brjule a metallic and carries name Dark Horse. At a bright sunlight against turquoise water this colour gives noble brown outflow. Such technology of painting is applied to boats of this class for the first time.

On a lower deck two guest cabins and two VIP - cabins settle down. On average - two-level apartments of the owner and a drawing room with a panoramic glass cover. Thus glass doors can be shifted, and two independent zones - a drawing room and a cockpit turn to space for a noisy party or invited reception. Furnish - silk, a skin, a nut, a tic.

the unusual arrangement of garage concerns design finds ISA 120 also. In it the tender (five-metre boat Castoldi) and system of its dump for water take place. Usually garage place in a forage, along the case, and at ISA 120 it is located across, between an engine room and cabins that, in - the first, the risk excludes to break a bathing platform, and in - the second, creates to passengers an additional noise isolation.

for entertainments Dark Horse it is armed by two torpedoes Seabob for scuba diving which allow the diver to plunge on 37 m and to float with a speed of 22 km/ ch, and also two hydrocycles Yamaha. For relaksirujushchih water procedures the jacuzzi on the top open deck (flajbridzh) with plank beds and a bar is provided. The audiovision copes the panel from any point of a vessel, can broadcast a sound and the image both in one premise, and in all at once, reproduces audio and video from library on the internal server or, for example, from yours iPhone. All this electronic stuffing pulls on 250 thousand

Though seamen with a significant kind speak: the Sea big - is where to disperse safety it is given particular attention. ISA 120 it is constructed taking into account requirements of international standard MCA is means that the boat can make transatlantic transitions, is intended for transportation of people and consequently an every possible radar, navigation, satellite communication, prevention systems on Dark Horse it is established on 1,5 million Under safety precautions in the case between compartments steel partitions which give to a boat high degree of survival rate are established. And bullet-proof glasses at all the insurance from an attack of the Somali pirates - they give additional durability to the case.

There was, perhaps, one technical characteristics which confirms all other wonderful properties ISA 120. It is its cost. On the one hand, according to sea etiquette, respecting interests of the owner, it is not accepted to name it. On the other hand, the price is not any terrible secret. The yacht not and after a year - two - three operations not so strongly loses the car in cost. At this in all jahtovladeltsam it is inherent seasickness - the desire to buy a boat is more, faster, more magnificently. Therefore jahtennye catalogues dazzle with offers, and on them it is possible to present an order of the prices in spite of the fact that it is the piece goods. The price of a toy of type ISA 120 can vary from 13 million to 18 million To minimise the price, the yacht, as a rule, register in offshore ports of Bahama, Virginsky, Alandsky and other islands.