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Test by painting

Demiena Hurst`s Two exhibitions in London

This autumn - Demiena Hurst`s season, that is again abuse it on all corners, but in a new occasion. The criticism is very unanimous: a shame and scandal. No, it has not begun to preserve again sharks and lambs, raising in green animal hatred, - he in general declared that fastens with an animalistic genre. Also was not going to start up once again a diamond dust in eyes to auctioneers and collectors - more than any diamond skulls. All is much more terrible: the leader grown old young British has taken up the brush and writes a picture in the technician a canvas, oil .

Vystavka Demiena Hurst in the Collection Wallace has opened akkurat during fair Frieze. The most aristocratical London museum - masterpieces of old masters, limozhskie enamels, a majolica, servsky porcelain and to that similar to the refinement, Hertford collected by marquises and zaveshchannye the successor of last marquis Richard Wallace to the state in the end of a XIX-th century, - has for the first time dared to let in the modern art the magnificent rooms. Twenty five dark blue the pictures for the first time shown to public in the past spring on a retrospective show of Hurst in the Center of Victor Pinchuk in Kiev, have occupied two halls in the neighbourhood with the Big gallery where hang uollesovskie titsiany, rubensy and velaskesy. The courageous act of a museum management has not found understanding at the progressive British criticism. Directors razrugali. In - the first, for durnovkusie: that is good for nouveau riche Pinchuk, is not necessary for hereditary aristocrats (though about Richard Wallace`s aristocratic origin historians had recently big doubts). In - the second, for nebrezhenie to a collection: On vernisazhnom a buffet table the input in Hurst`s halls with drinks has been strictly forbidden whereas to defile with champagne in hands beside the Swing Fragonard and the Laughing gentleman Halsa it was not forbidden. As to the newly appeared painter, it have carried clean.

In - the first, for impudence: has exposed the botched work near Rembrandtesque Titusa and pussenovskogo Dance under Time music moreover also quotes in it Francis Bacon - the main property of an English modernism. In - the second, for scarcity of thought: skulls acting from gloomy blue and other symbols of death turn pale against Poussin`s showing the whole treatise on a theme memento mori the aforementioned elegy. And, in - the third, for poverty of technics: say, and brushes - that in hands plainly has not learnt to hold. In general, the next marketing course of factory Demiena of Hurst has been exposed: The alcoholized sharks go out, diamond skulls are not on sale - it is necessary to undertake an old kind picture, the goods which will be in a course until the modern architecture will not eradicate at last such vestige of the past, as a wall.

meanwhile this painting not so is simple, as it seems at first sight. It is the multilayered text where from - under shipped in blue of skulls and the spark jaws firm tablets - oblatki early Hurst appear, on baroque symbols vanitas Bacon paranoid lattices, and places canvases are imposed passed in such free neoekspressionistskoj to a manner that look a curtsey to the London school revolt against which was partly movement young British . And the exhibition in which name the English idiom no love lost is taken out, in olden time meaning both passionate hatred, and passionate love, makes a declaration of love - to hatred to painting rather frankly. As, actually, and outstanding to all visitors the guidebook to the Collection Wallace who was made by Demien Hurst: to hide for hamovato - ernicheskim style gentle love to old art the author and could not. So the hands splashed with blood of innocent sharks and lambs, museum management nevertheless possible to draw attention to the already fairly become dusty funds. Hurst intends to continue experiment with painting: in gallery White Cube the exhibition of new pictures under the slogan " opens; Nothing Matters (the name approximately translated as to Spit on all it is possible to consider and the answer to criticism), and in St. Paul`s Cathedral two in the next summer will be exposed huge herstovskie altar pictures: Rescue and Hope . St. Paul`s Cathedral, unlike the Collection Wallace, in the field of the modern art not the beginner: to Hurst Joko It there was exposed, after - will be will erect Bill Violy`s video altar.