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Shells have not sustained dismantling

On Saturday and Sunday in Ulyanovsk, in military unit territory 31 - j a Navy arsenal where shops with boezapasami (two persons thus were lost) on November, 13th have lighted up and have blown up, explosions proceeded. Yesterday on a place of a fire explosions have stopped. But there was one more - connected with destruction of not broken off shells. Firemen have finished prolivku the burnt down buildings and have left a scene. The commander-in-chief military - marine sea fleet admiral Vladimir Vysotsky considers that the human factor, " could become a principal cause of state of emergency; including in a military unit management .
On Saturday evening, after almost 20 - hour calm, in military unit territory 31 - j a Navy arsenal powerful explosions, audible on all Zavolzhsky area of Ulyanovsk have again sounded. Some more explosions have followed on Sunday. In regional government of the Ministry of Emergency Measures explained that There is a planned work on destruction of not broken off shells . However according to the commander-in-chief of the Navy of admiral Vladimir Vysotsky, on Saturday was four spontaneous explosions and one more spontaneous explosion has occurred on Sunday in 7. 20. The commander-in-chief also has informed that there are begun works on destruction of 42 not broken off shells which have been found out around an arsenal. One more explosion which sounded yesterday and has startled the population, has been connected with their liquidation. In total for yesterday, according to the governor, 50 shells have been found and liquidated.

we will remind, the fire in an arsenal with the subsequent explosions of ammunition stored there has begun on Friday in 16. 50 also proceeded seven - eight hours. The fire has begun with the first shop in which ammunition was utilised. Boezarjady flied up on height 50 - 100 m, the glow was visible from the different ends of Ulyanovsk. In radius 10 - 15 km from epicentre in many windows of houses a blast wave have beaten out glasses. Splinters and even not broken off shells, according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, scattered in radius of 300 m from epicentre. Long time the destiny of 43 persons working in burning shops was unknown - all of them were in a bombproof shelter which have left in five hours after the beginning of explosions. In city hospitals has addressed about six tens persons, eight of them have been directed to hospitals. According to the Center of medicine of accidents, nothing threatens their life. In a grave condition one person to whom shell splinters has interrupted a foot. Two - members of a fire-fighting crew warrant officer Vladislav Pankov and sailor Ivan Kuznetsov were lost. According to the commander-in-chief of the Navy, they will be presented to the state awards.

the emergency situation in Ulyanovsk will remain at least till November, 18th, all contours of windows of the damaged buildings will not be closed yet, - governor Sergey Morozov has told yesterday. Within the limits of the criminal case raised upon it state of emergency on ch. 3 items 349 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Infringement of rules of weapon handling and the subjects representing raised danger to associates ) and ch. 3 items 293 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( the Negligence ) According to the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management Alexander Sorokin, it is interrogated already more than 150 witnesses. On Sunday after session of a staff admiral Vysotsky has once again confirmed that the reason of state of emergency - infringement of technology of cutting of ammunition.

one of working women of the third shop of the arsenal, asked not to name her name, has told that the fire has begun that in the first shop the shell " has detonated;.

One of experts of an arsenal has told that the special armored cabins are applied to especially dangerous operations, capable to save others boezapasy from a shock wave and fire distribution. However, under its statement, such cabins at dismantling of shells in the first shop were not used. The employee of an arsenal also considers that the overestimated plans forced to carry out people, demanded to assort the increasing and bolshee quantity of shells and haste raises probability of an error . Words of the expert has confirmed and the working woman of the shop who have explained that the plan on recycling have increased twice, and work was conducted in two changes and even on Saturdays .

Measures will be accepted not only concerning a military unit management, but also above - an admiral has noted. Under the informal information, the commander of military unit 31 arsenal it is already discharged of a post. In military Office of Public Prosecutor this information have not confirmed, but also did not begin to deny.