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Open Society &quo t; Severstal &quo t; will continue building in Balakovsky area of the Saratov region of metallurgical industrial complex capacity of 1 million tons in a year, with prospective volume of investments of an order 15 mlrd the roubles, suspended in May of this year. The project as which opponents the Russian ecologists acted, has received the positive decision of State expert appraisal. The Saratov governor Pavel Ipatov considers that factory building will impulse to development new metallurgical klastera in region. Experts in the field of metallurgy do not exclude that in intermediate term prospect the market cannot absorb these additional volumes .
Open Society Severstal intend to continue realisation of the investment project on building of a small metallurgical complex in Balakovo the Saratov region. The head of a battalion has informed on it Severstal the Russian steel Anatoly Kruchinin. As he said, the project in Balakovsky area has received the positive decision of State examination. The ecological solvency of the project was confirmed also with an independent expert appraisal which on demand of the European bank of reconstruction and development (European Reconstruction and Development Bank) was spent by the company Environ UK (Great Britain). Equipment delivery in Balakovo will begin in January, 2010, and building of factory will take an order of three years. On mini - factory it is planned to make high-quality hire of building appointment: armature, a corner and a channel. Annual designed capacity of the enterprise, in stoitelstvo which company plans to enclose an order 15 mlrd roubles, will make 1 million tons of production.

we will remind, about realisation balakovskogo the project Severstal has declared in 2007. In April, 2008 the company has obtained the permit to a spadework, and in May of this year - from - that FGU Glavgosekspertiza Russia Has given out the negative conclusion under the project - its realisation has been suspended. Remarks of experts, in particular, concerned gathering and granting of the additional information on sanitary - to a protective zone (SZZ), on engineering - to ecological researches and on technology slag plum. As opponents of the project ecologists have acted. In March, 2009 leaders of 52 Russian public ecological organisations at the All-Russia conference Green movement of Russia - ecological calls have signed the reference to president Dmitry Medvedev and the chairman of the government Vladimir Putin with the request not to admit this building . Severstal took a time - a miss on elimination of remarks of experts and has suspended object building - before reception of the positive conclusion of State examination.

Open Society Severstal - international it is mountain - the metallurgical company. 82 % of shares of company belong to Alexey Mordashovu. Battalion Severstal the Russian steel - one of the largest manufacturers of a steel in the Russian Federation. Consists of six segments: steel, marketing, metiznogo, trumpet, service and breakage preparations. The gain for the first half of the year 2009 has made $2 mlrd 497 million, EBITDA - $330 million Prospective annual turnover of Joint-Stock Company Severstal - High-quality factory of Balakovo will make 25 mlrd roubles. the Project has got support of the regional government. building in Balakovsky area mini - factory for manufacture of high-quality hire can become the present locomotive of development of all regional economy, - the Saratov governor Pavel Ipatov has noted. - the Project will create a basis for formation new metallurgical klastera, the motivation for attraction of new investments " thereby will be created;.

Leading expert UK finam Management Dmitry Baranov believes that in the Russian market Severstal Will compete to such leading players, as MMK, a Mechel NLMK, Evraz OMK. Under the information finama a financial position Severstal now leaves much to be desired, as, however, and position of other enterprises of branch in crisis. Thus in the first quarter 2009 Severstal has lowered steel manufacture on 21 % - to 3,8 million tons, hire on 18 % - to 2,9 million tons in comparison with the similar period of 2008. It is known that at two factories of the company in the USA (Severstal Warren (were WCI Steel) and Severstal Wheeling (were Esmark) before situation improvement in the market steel and hire manufacture has been stopped, and the staff will be reduced to third. The company did not declare any reduction of other projects, the analyst, moreover, " speaks; Severstal has planned for 2009 to invest in various projects of an order $1 billion Analyst FK Opening Andrey Litvin, in turn, reminds of existing risks. through 3 - 4 years demand for metal rolling in the country can not be restored, - mister Litvin believes. - Perhaps opposite to be surplus of the offer as to increase capacities plan some the Russian companies, including Severstal . There is a risk that the market cannot absorb these additional volumes .