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Public chamber will update old

On Wednesday structure of Public chamber will replenish with new members who will be selected by the public men appointed in chamber the president on September, 24th, 2009. Among candidates the majority is made by the people already consisting in Public chamber.
under the law About Public chamber of the Russian Federation (OP) rotation of 126 members of chamber occurs time in two years. The president appoints 42 members the decree (about presidential naznachentsah see from September, 25th), then they choose as much members on representation of the all-Russian public organisations, put forward the others regional and inter-regional NKO. Formation of new structure should come to the end by the end of the year.

on Wednesday, on November, 18th, presidential naznachentsy should select the following third of next structure of chamber. For today in OP is about 150 demands. Among candidates sources Name singer Diana Gurtsky who was put forward by Fund of the help headed by it to blind and visually impaired children, vitse - the speaker of the State Duma of the first convocation Alexander Vengerovsky (LDPR fraction) - it has put forward the Russian national cathedral, Vladimir Homeriki selected from the Congress of national associations of Russia. Also into number of applicants has entered editor-in-chief ANO News TV Margarita Simonjan.

However, under data approximately the third part of recruits will consist of veterans of chamber. From public associations all heads who have not entered into the presidential list of commissions OP of old structure are selected practically. Among them chairmen of the commissions on formation of a healthy way of life of Leo Bokerija, on public control over activity of law enforcement bodies Anatoly Kucherena, on Alexander Ochirova`s social policy, on the ecological policy Vladimir Zaharov, on mass-media Pavel Gusev, concerning development of a civil society Maria Slobodsky, on regional development Vyacheslav Glazychev. The former rank-and-file members OP, besides, apply for places in new structure Pavel Astakhov, Dmitry Birjukov, Vadim Samoilov, Evgenie Jurev, Oleg Zykov, Nikolay Zjatkov and etc. the president of Association working in its first structure privatised and private enterprises Grigory Tomchin Would like to return to chamber.

voting Results as has declared a source in Public chamber, it would be unethical to predict now . But how we will do without Kuchereny, Slobodsky, Glazychev? - he has added.