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The Irkutsk government has hit in pure power

the Irkutsk government has involved Finnish &quo t; Scancool Oy &quo t; and &quo t; Rakennusliike Reponen Oy &quo t; and also the international company &quo t; Avanko Capital Oy &quo t; to the decision of a power problem of Baikalsk. The authorities count that foreign investors will construct power installation which in the form of fuel will use lignin, remained after cellulose manufacture on Baikalsk TSBK near to a city. Ecologists say what to realise the project in approximate cost about 80 million rbl. it is almost impossible - it is interfered by the existing legislation forbidding recycling of a waste in borders of the Baikal natural territory.
the governor of the Irkutsk region Dmitry Mezentsev has signed the report on intentions with inzhiniringovoj “ Scancool Oy “ and building “ Rakennusliike Reponen Oy “ and also financial “ Avanko Capital Oy “ On project realisation on creation of an alternative source of the electric power for 17_ņūń’÷ķīćī Baikalsk. Now warmly in a city submits thermal power station Baikal TSBK, but in connection with plans of Minpromtorga of the Russian Federation to close industrial complex, use teploelektrotsentrali only for needs of Baikalsk will be unprofitable. The authorities count that near to a city investors will construct, on the one hand, the station using energy of water, with another - the power installation working on lignine which with 60õ years of the last century is stored in the liquid state in special shlamonakopiteljah. Before Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources estimated the rests lignina on BTSBK at the rate about 6,5 million t. In structure lignina there are lignosulfonat, gidrooksid aluminium, impurity hlorlignina. How it is possible to use water for heat manufacture, in the government have not specified.

and terms of realisation of the project the government does not specify investments. According to the report on intentions “ The parties will aspire to co-ordinate the basic technical requirements to projects not later than April, 1st, 2010 “. According to company sites, experience in realisation of similar projects has only “ Scancool Oy “ working with Finnish derevoobrabatyvajushchimi manufactures.

capacity of power installation which wants to see the authorities in Baikalsk, should be not less than 50 Mvt - such capacity basically enough for maintenance with a city with heat. According to calculations of IK BKS, all project in Baikalsk will cost not less than 80 million rbl.

On most BTSBK about government plans on creation of power installation know of nothing. “ to us anybody did not address for consultations “ - the representative of the enterprise has told. As he said, lignina near to industrial complex almost does not remain - the most part shlamonakopitelej where it was, it is closed after rekultivatsii, begun in 2000. Now, on assurances of representative BTSBK, of work “ there are only two stores “.

Roman Vazhenkov from Green Peace says what to realise the power project near BTSBK it is almost impossible. The industrial complex is in the Central ecological zone of the Baikal natural territory where according to the governmental order ¹643 from 2001 it is forbidden “ neutralisations of production wastes and consumption by burning “. “ Certainly, the project is necessary to understand, whether lignin will burn in general. But, it is obvious that on another with it you will not arrive “ - to speak the ecologist.