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The consequence has played on excess

Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of Buryatiya has filed criminal charges in the relation vitse - the mayor the Uhlan - Ude Gemali Gendunovoj. The high-ranking official is suspected of excess of powers of office. Militian sources do not exclude that interest of inspectors can extend and on other representatives of administration of republican capital.
about excitation of criminal case as regards 1 article 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Excess of powers of office concerning the large official in republic Buryatiya it became known in the end of last week. vitse - the mayor the Uhlan - Ude Gemalja Gendunova, under the version of the investigation, having used the powers, has illegally transferred in economic conducting the municipal unitary enterprise the Water canal the property belonging to a city. Thus the federal legislation " has been broken; About privatisation of the state and municipal property . According to SKP, there was it during the period when madam Gendunova occupied in goradministratsii a post of the chairman of committee on management of property (2005 - 2007). On versions of the investigation, a damage from its actions for the city budget has made more than 30 million rbl. Materials the affairs collected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Buryatiya, are transferred in SKP the Russian Federation on Republic Buryatiya. About the one who passes the witness on business and about what property there is a speech, in SKP do not speak, referring to interests of the investigation.

according to a source , close to law enforcement bodies, the business raised against vitse - the mayor, is connected with check of work of the company Business - the Trade which general director is Muscovite Yury Turchenjuk. Its investigating bodies of Buryatiya suspect of plunder about 53 million rub municipal means which have been translated from account MUP the Uhlan - the Udensky power company (The sum part, according to the investigation, is translated in 2008, a part - in October, 2009). Now Yury Turchenjuk is put on the international wanted list. criminal case against vitse - the mayor - one of directions of investigation which lasts already throughout many months. Behind it there is a whole chain of structures, surnames and the organisations which administrations - partially or completely " belong; - the interlocutor has noted. He has paid attention that the companies appearing in business Business - the Trade are municipal, and were in conducting committee on management of municipal property, madam Gendunova supervised which. The interlocutor has not excluded that in business can appear and new figurants who work in local authorities bodies.

in the mayoralty officially refuse to make comments on a situation. As has informed the chief a press - mayoralty Seremzhid Intogarova services, the administration at a stage of investigation will not give comments but if on its results it will be established that the damage, " is really caused city budget; the mayoralty will achieve its compensation . Now Gemalja Batoevna is in the next holiday. About its discharge from a speech post does not go - madam Intogarova has noted.

the Buryat political scientist Nikolay Buduev notices that madam Gendunova is the significant person in a command of the mayor the Uhlan - Ude, it competent enough and skilled expert, and it is very difficult to present, how it could be substituted . While in general a lot of not clear in this business, therefore it is logical that the administration abstains from comments - Nikolay Buduev marks.

As a whole, the political scientist, despite the loud events connected with criminal cases against large Buryat officials (in republic in October - November are arrested the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Victor Sjusjura and it zam Andrey Shurupov, criminal case against one more deputy minister of internal affairs Alexander Chernyh is brought, accusation is brought to the former assistant to the judge of Arbitration court RB Alexander Lopatin), " is assured; the region is not more corrupted, than the others . To Buryatiya constantly there is very serious struggle between groups, the clans representing various interests. Amicably they among themselves do not agree, as it occurs, say, in the south of the country. Therefore at us more often, than in other regions, such facts are made public - he has concluded.