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Great Britain is ready to new sanctions against Iran

Great Britain is ready to apply new sanctions against Iran if till the end of 2009 it positively does not react to world community offers on cooperation in nuclear area.
acting with the annual speech on foreign policy on reception in honour of inauguration of the new Lord Mayor of London city, premieres - the minister of Great Britain Gordon Brown has reminded that on October, 1st the international community has transferred to Iran offers on cooperation and negotiations on questions of development of peace atomic engineering in exchange for refusal of Teheran of workings out of the nuclear weapon. throughout last six weeks this offer has been completely rejected. So now it is not simply correct, but also it is necessary to apply the strengthened pressure upon the Iranian mode - mister Brown has specified. He has added that US president Barack Obama has designated the end of 2009 as a deadline for the answer of Iran to the brought offers. If Iran does not reconsider the position then the United Nations, the European Union and the separate countries should apply more rigid sanctions - quotes RIA News the British prime minister.