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Deficiency of the republican budget of Bashkiria for 10 months has made 23,7 % of expenses

Deficiency of the republican budget of Bashkiria for January - October, 2009 has made 17,714 mlrd roubles, or 23,7 % from expenses. Incomes of the republican budget of Bashkiria for ten months from the beginning of current year equaled 57 mlrd 96 million roubles (without single receipts) that on 30 % it is less, than for the similar period of 2008, has informed vitse - the prime minister, the Minister of Finance of Bashkiria Ajrat Gaskarov at operative meeting of the government of region yesterday. Expenses of the republican budget for this period have reached 74 mlrd 810 million roubles that on 20 % above, than for the similar last year`s period.

Thus on financial support of subordinate local city and regional budgets 33 % from total amount of expenses, on payment are directed workers of budgetary sphere of republic - 12 %, on kapvlozhenija and a road economy - 23 %, on social programs - 14 %, on medical insurance of the idle population - 8 %, has specified vitse - the prime minister. A.Gaskarov has added that the government has prepared for the second reading in State meeting - amendment republics Kurultae in the project of budget RB for 2010, providing increase in incomes and expenses of republican treasury on 10 and 13 mlrd roubles accordingly.