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Tax spot-checks have collected 1,5 million roubles of debts

Law enforcement bodies

Road spot-checks Management of Federal tax service of Russia across the Irkutsk region together with Federal Agency of court enforcement officers and the traffic police spends spot-checks on revealing of debtors under the property taxes raised from physical persons: the tax to property, ground and transport taxes. During spot-checks it is handed over documents on an amount of debt more than 4 million roubles, 35 % or 1,5 million roubles are already extinguished. On it informs a press - service of Management FNS of Russia across the Irkutsk region.

since October similar spot-checks in the city of Irkutsk are spent with use is hardware - a program complex the Stream - D which allows employees of traffic police to detain only those cars which owners are in arrears. By results of 4 spot-checks 50 cars are stopped, an amount of debt of their owners more than 1 million roubles, on a place is paid - 132 thousand Roubles, 4 arrests of cars, a total sum of a debt of their owners - 271 thousand roubles are made. The most part of the sum shown during spot-checks, is paid by debtors.