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Russia and Georgia have agreed about check point opening

Moscow and Tbilisi have agreed about check point opening Top Lars on Russian - the Georgian border. The unique official check point on an overland site of border, predictably, will open in the beginning of March. We will remind, the check point has been closed three years ago after arrest in Tbilisi the Russian officers on charge in espionage.
the decision on opening is accepted - has declared on December, 24th the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Georgia Nino Kalandadze following the results of the negotiations which have passed at intermediary of Switzerland. She has noticed that opening is expected in the first of March. the check point will be opened not only for citizens and cargoes from Armenia, but also for citizens of Georgia, the Georgian cargoes and vehicles - has told the deputy minister.

we will remind that the overland border between Georgia and the Russian Federation has been closed in 2006 after arrest in Tbilisi the Russian officers on charge in espionage. Then Russia has forbidden import of Georgian production and has stopped check point work Top Lars having referred to the beginning of building of the new terminal. In the end of 2008 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has received from Moscow the notice on end of civil work and opening of the terminal with throughput of 400 cars in day. But the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has demanded negotiation on a check point in Geneva at intermediary of Switzerland. Moscow is the requirement has rejected.

however tripartite consultations between Russia, Georgia and Armenia of renewal of the overland message in the autumn have begun. As has informed earlier the source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, as a result of negotiations in Yerevan was possible to agree about the several basic moments. So, a check point Kazbegi on the Georgian party of border and a check point Top Lars will synchronously work, co-ordinating a throughput mode and considering the mutual difficulties arising at passage of a considerable quantity of cars. At the first stage it is a question only of the admission of lorries.

Besides, Tbilisi has removed a condition about cancellation of an interdiction for import to Russia the Georgian agricultural products, wines and Borzhomi in exchange for automobile communication opening. But the Georgian authorities have declared that Top Lars it will be closed, if from Moscow again will begin information attacks about transition through border of terrorists.