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the Japanese people mistrust the Russian position

On Monday to Moscow there arrives the new head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Katsuja Okada. The situation in Russian - the Japanese relations, become complicated in connection with last sharp statements of the Japanese party on a problem of an accessory of Southern Kuriles becomes the main subject of negotiations. How see in Tokyo prospects of relations with Moscow, KATSUJA OKADA has told to the correspondent Interfax to TIMUR HURSANDOVU, specially for .
- What purpose of your visit to Moscow?

- In September of premieres - minister Hatojama after the introduction into a post has spent at once telephone conversation with president Medvedev. Soon after that their first summit has taken place during session of General Assembly of the United Nations. At this meeting both leaders have confirmed mutual intention to begin new Japanese - to the Russian relations in Asian - Pacific region (ATR). Besides, acting in October in parliament of Japan, premieres - minister Hatojama accurately named for the first time Russia the partner on ATR, having declared a course on strengthening sotrudnicheskih relations.

thus, government Hatojamy has set good start in Japanese - the Russian relations. We had possibilities for serious development of relations on arena ATR further. Japan in every possible way welcomes deepening of interest of Russia to this region having high potential. It is obvious that advancement of integration of the Russian Far East and the Eastern Siberia in ATR by cooperation between Japan and Russia serves interests of both countries, and also region as a whole.

certainly, for serious development of our relations it is necessary to normalise completely them, having concluded the peace treaty by the final decision of a problem of an accessory of four northern islands (so in Japan name Southern Kuriles. - ), - the main point which has been not settled between Japan and Russia. If we name each other partners on ATR the present situation in which owing to uncertainty of frontiers between us there is no peace treaty, is extremely unnatural. Japanese - the Russian relations young - they total less than 200 years. The decision of this problem is the debt lying on a political management of two countries in interests of both people.

for this reason the prime minister - minister Hatojama has declared a course according to which we will vigorously work with a view of the conclusion of the peace treaty by the final decision of this problem, advancing political and economic problems in quality two wheels of one cart .

My present visit to Russia can be considered as one of stages of vigorous work on the basis of this course. Ceremonies of signing of any agreements are not planned for this visit. Using it, I intend to give to more time of open discussion with the Russian colleagues, meaning the big picture of building new Japanese - the Russian relations in ATR.

- Relations between Moscow and Tokyo have become aggravated again after statements of Japanese politicians for occupation of Southern Kuriles by Russia. What prospects of settlement of a territorial problem taking into account what both parties yet do not make concessions?

- Japan and Russia take different legal positions concerning four northern islands. For this reason between our countries negotiations on a territorial problem are carried on.

it is valid, to settle this problem uneasy. However leaders of two countries have confirmed intention to solve it at our generation. Has passed already more than 60 years from the moment of occurrence of this problem. How many still it is necessary for time? The Japanese people feed feeling of mistrust to a position of the Russian side, infinitely aspiring to postpone this question. Until it will be postponed, the image of Russia in the opinion of Japanese will not change also, and partner relations will be only in words.

fortunately, between the prime minister - personal confidential relations have developed minister Hatojamoj and president Medvedev during two summits. I with all gravity perceive the words told by the Russian leader to our prime minister. President Medvedev has declared that intends to make efforts for search of a new way, including in a territorial problem. He also has told that sincerely would like to achieve progress on this problem together with government Hatojamy.

With a view of the help to dialogue top-level I intend to discuss in quiet atmosphere with the Minister for Foreign Affairs Laurel concrete ways of a solution of a problem. During conversation I expect from mister Lavrova, using words of president Medvedev, the pragmatical approach without prejudices, characteristic for the period of cold war.

- how much world crisis has affected economic cooperation of Russia and Japan? Whether it is observed outflow of the Japanese companies from the Russian Federation? Whether it is possible to expect in the near future signing of any large-scale contracts?

- World financially - the economic crisis has rendered a great influence and on Japanese - the Russian economic relations. In 2008 goods turnover between Japan and Russia has reached the sums about $30 mlrd, having increased for five years five times. In 2009 it while makes only 40 % from the sum of last year. On the other hand, the Japanese companies continue to enter the Russian market and after the crisis beginning. In May of this year has begun work Nissan factory in St.-Petersburg. Build the factories to Russia and such firms, as Komatsu and Yokohama Rubber. Activity of the Japanese companies testifies to high potential of our cooperation in economic sphere.

the big possibilities for cooperation of Japan and Russia are available and in ATR. I know that Russia shows interest to economic integration in ATR, aspiring to deepening of communications with this dynamically developing region. As a symbol Japanese - the Russian mutually advantageous cooperation in ATR the project " serves; Sakhalin - 2 in which frameworks by means of Japanese technologies for the first time in Russia there has been begun manufacture szhizhennogo natural gas. The chairman of the Russian government Vladimir Putin, having visited Japan in May of this year, also has concerned many spheres and projects on which the Russian side hopes for cooperation with Japan in regions of the Far East and Eastern Siberia. Among them power, transport and the projects connected with carrying out of summit ATES in Vladivostok in 2012.

Besides, we take into consideration that in the message of president Medvedev to Federal meeting this year the priority problem for Russia had been named economy modernisation, and also the basic directions of economic development, including increase of power efficiency have been specified. Japan has high technologies and in these spheres, therefore we can co-operate with Russia which aspires to economic development by innovations.

during a meeting with president Medvedev of premieres - minister Hatojama has declared intention to advance political and economic cooperation, as two wheels of one cart . Japan is ready to develop cooperation with Russia in economy sphere. I am assured that if we can develop simultaneously and cooperation in political sphere, including on not settled problem we will begin new relations of Japan and Russia as partners on ATR.

During present visit to Russia session of co-chairmen Japanese - the Russian intergovernmental commission on trading - to economic problems which I will spend together with the minister of the industry and Khristenko`s trade is planned. Taking into account the aforesaid I with impatience wait for possibility to spend with it open discussion (the full variant of interview see a site ).