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For rescue of Nasti Pimenovoj there are no 994 615 rbl.

Managing branch of the Nizhniy Novgorod regional children`s clinical hospital of Anastas Shamardina tells that the diagnosis sharp limfoblastnyj lejkoz the Ice crust it is put in 2001. Since then illness receded and came back, and then to one lejkozu another was added. Nastja has sustained many courses of chemical and beam therapy. Now it in remission on both diseases. Here opinion managing branch of Institute of R.M.Gorbachevoj Natalias Stanchevoj (Petersburg): Such happens seldom enough, when at the child two tumours. An ice crust transplantation of a donor marrow will help only. It is impossible to hesitate categorically, it is necessary to be in time, while remission is not lost . Preliminary search of the donor in the international register (fund Morsha, Germany) has given, according to madam Stanchevoj, optimistical result - at Nasti more than 60 potential donors only in Germany .

Fund Morsha estimates search of the donor in 15 thousand Still in 2,5 thousand delivery of deckman cages to Petersburg will manage. As always, our partner fund Advita will bring 7,5 thousand (details on a site www. rusfond. ru ). For prizhivlenija another`s marrow and the prevention of complications the Ice crust medicines for 1 033 350 rbl. Thus will be necessary still, there are no 1 480 350 rbl. On bank the account of Nasti heads of children`s home have managed to collect 485 735 rbl. the administration of Bogorodsk, the company, townsmen and areas Have helped the Ministry of Education and the finance of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. That is 994 615 rbl. more

Dear friends are required! If you decide to help Naste Pimenovoj to survive, let you are not confused with the rescue price. Any your donation with gratitude will be accepted. It is possible to list money in welfare fund the Help (founders the publishing house and the Lion of Ambinder). All necessary requisites are in the Russian fund of the help. It is possible to use and our system of electronic payments, having made a donation from a credit card or an electronic cash, including from - for a boundary (a detail on a site www. rusfond. ru).