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The first wheels of the world

the First large international victory of Russia in new year, as usual, should take place in motor racing. On January, 1st in Buenos - Ajrese starts the most prestigious rally - spot-check Dakar . Its unconditional favourite in a category of lorries again is the command KamAZ - the master .
In the South America on territories of Argentina and Chile the race, which quarter of the century, from the moment of creation, associated with Africa and capital of Senegal where, as a rule, finished, will pass the second year successively. On the African lines there were too big problems with safety, and rallistov have thrown through Atlantic. Basically Dakar from it, apparently, at all has not lost. Anyway, all basic characteristics of its traditional route have remained: there are also deserts with a sand abundance, and mountains. Has remained as a whole and an alignment of forces.

For example, in a category of lorries one year ago very confident victory was gained by a Russian team KamAZ - the master . Its crews - Firdausa Kabirova and Vladimir Chagina - have taken the first and second places. Also there are no bases to assume, as if on the second South American Dakar kamazovtsy will act worse.

they Go there three crews - Kabirova, Chagina and Ilgizara Mardeeva. And chaginsky has strengthened the post which has changed for time of the head of a command on an armchair of the navigator Simeon Yakubov who in it role five times has won cult rally. Cars are prepared perfectly. The victory in September on passing in Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenia of rally " was the proof to it; the Silk way . Strong contenders at favourites will be - speech first of all about crews on Tatra, Ginaf, MAN. But here the most dangerous among them - Belgian Gerardus de the Plenty - for the Silk way Was traumatised, and its surnames in the list of those who was declared for participation in Dakar no.

In a class of motorcycles too it is not necessary to wait for any sweeping changes. It is a lot of years in this category command KTM dominates. Its representatives, for example Spaniard Mark Koma or Frenchman Siril Depre, will struggle for certain for success and in January.

the situation in the most prestigious class of cars is the most curious. There just last year there was a change of the leader. Long time in rally - spot-checks was not equal Mitsubishis. However on previous Dakar this a stable has suffered a shattering failure: anybody from its leading pilots did not manage to reach finish. As a result all has ended with triumph of Volkswagen. And in February the Japanese concern declared that in general turns off sports projects.

nevertheless five cars of Mitsubishis going on Dakar 2009, leave on start in Buenos - Ajrese. Recently the command with all infrastructure was got by the French businessman Nikola Mislen and has declared on Dakar . However it is not necessary to think that thanks to it Mitsubishi has again found the status of the applicant for a victory. Cars Nikola Mislen has kept, but here anybody from star pilots stables in it any more does not remain. For it in the South America not too known racers will chase.

the former leader of Mitsubishi - Frenchman Stefana Peteranselja - it was possible to entice BMW. And from it, most likely, bude to proceed the basic threat to two pilots of Volkswagen - to the operating winner Dakar to South African Zhinelju de Vilersu and outstanding in the past rallistu - to the classic to Spaniard Carlos Sajnsu.

On last year`s rally of Sajns it was close to triumph, however has in a literal sense presented to its strongly lagged behind partner on command. The Spanish pilot needed to hold on three stages when he has managed to depart to a ravine of four-metre depth. But such incidents and on African Dakar were faster norm, than anomaly.