Rus News Journal

For that do you wait from next year?

direct speech

Michael Arkadev,

head of the Pacific symphonic orchestra: - From next year I wait for creative work. Creative plans basically are connected with the Seaside regional philharmonic society. The actions devoted 200 - letiju Chopin, and also preparation to 150 - letiju Vladivostok and 75 - letiju the Tihookensky symphonic orchestra. By an anniversary of Vladivostok for the first time it will be executed the Pacific symphony in 4 - h parts - everyone under the name of bays: Patrokl, the Ajax, Paris, the Gold Horn.

Natalia Pereverzev,

director of the Khabarovsk publishing house Arno : - I wait for nothing from new year, let it to me simply does not disturb.

does not throw up flat cakes on road when I go, having lifted up a head to stars.

I want, that children were healthy, and the oldest daughter that has entered the institute. And myself I wish love.

Alexander Ivashkin,

chairman of noncommercial partnership League of credit brokers of Primorski Krai : - the Most important thing for us next year - implementation of idea of financial literacy of the population. Crisis has forced people to pay attention to this aspect of the life, and we will promote it.

Gennady Fateyev,

head of SOU SKP across Khabarovsk territory: - And I, and all my collective, certainly, we wait for professional successes, and also health and well-being in our families that worried about us and our hard work less. It would be desirable, that forthcoming year has brought true and kind friends who now so are difficult for finding. And, I hope that mass-media will be always objective according to work of inspectors, speaking not only about our errors which, if to work on - to the present, it is impossible to avoid, but also achievements.

Galust Ahojan,

chairman of committee on budgetary - to a tax policy and financial resources of Legislative Assembly of Primorski Territory: - In the economic plan I expect that next year in Primorski Krai economic growth will proceed, and it proves to be true in figures and the facts. In the personal plan I believe that 2010 will be much better, than 2009.

Yury Vjazankin,

general director of radio the Silver rain - Khabarovsk and Love Radio - Khabarovsk : - Tigrinogo of a grin, the cat`s cunning and animal force.

Sergey Ogaj,

rector of Sea state university of a name of admiral G.I.Nevelsky: - next year the sea public will celebrate anniversary of sea formation. Therefore we expect that Ministry of Transport and the government of the Russian Federation will approve the project of global cruise of a sailing vessel Pallada across Pacific ocean. It will be devoted 120 - letiju sea formation, 150 - letiju Vladivostok and becomes sea greetings from our city to the countries - to participants of summit ATES.

Andrey Mirmovich,

co-chairman of Far East association of journalists EVEN the editor of magazine the Far East Motor car park : - From coming year of a metal Tiger I wait for a predatory grin of crisis, the big competitive fights with use of all tigrinyh receptions, an aggravation of a political situation in the Far East and in the country. But thus, as it seems to me, partial technical local revolution in region, innovative splashes and strengthening of brain activity of those who especially did not burden earlier itself(himself) with it is quite possible also. Crisis will make the business, and the Tiger will help to grow the Far East engine .

Pavel Sarychev,

general director of radio station the East of Russia : - Receptions of the licence for an announcement in FM - a range in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid. For us presence at this industrial centre of Khabarovsk territory is important. Thanks to an exit on FM - waves our listeners in the Youth city will receive better sounding. Certainly, I wait for new programs, an embodiment of creative ideas. One of them are columnists who become experts from different spheres zhzini. I count that the next year will be, though and not simple, but bright, remembered and, perhaps, critical.

Anatoly Dronchenko,

deputy of a legislative thought of Khabarovsk territory, the first secretary Khabarovsk krajkoma the Communist Party of the Russian Federation: - Certainly, I wait that our party will receive good results on forthcoming elections in regional parliament. Perhaps, it will be also my personal victory. Also I plan that next year possibility to publish in the co-authorship the new manual for my students will be given to me. And the most important thing for that it would be desirable to wait is, certainly, health.

Sergey Savkov,

chairman of the Khabarovsk municipal duma: - Spring of forthcoming year in region will pass elections of deputies of a legislative thought of Khabarovsk territory. I, as the person of a command, am ready to work over that in a thought there have passed worthy candidates. And further I count on constructive interaction between city and regional deputies. Besides, I expect that we to the full realise the project on informing of the population on representative body activity. I count that forthcoming year we will manage to adjust feedback with our voters who will take more active part in local government.