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53 years to the chairman of board of directors of a management company " Today are executed; Petropavlovsk to Pavel Maslovsky

He is congratulated by the governor of the Amur region Oleg Nikolaevich Kozhemjako:

- Dear Pavel Alekseevich! Accept sincere congratulations on the occasion of your birthday! Zolotopromyshlennik, the successful businessman with scale thinking of the effective modern head, you not simply head the enterprises of one of the most responsible sites of regional economy, but also participate in many social projects, bring the powerful contribution to a profitable part of the regional budget which means allow to solve the major socially - economic problems, to support a worthy standard of living amurchan. This day it is pleasant to notice that the enterprises of gold mining branch Priamurja headed by you by right are considered as one of the most successful and dynamically developing not only in area, region, but also in Russia. The certificate to they be those indicators which have deduced gold mining of the Amur region on the most advanced positions. Growth of economic potential of Priamurja inseparably linked with results of work of workers of branch. We are adjusted that this growth will be continuous and considerable, including thanks to efforts and enthusiasm of our gold miners, the guaranteed support from the area government. It is assured that your experience, professionalism, fidelity to favourite business will allow the enterprises of a group of companies Petropavlovsk and henceforth confidently to develop, reach all new and new victories. I wish you, Pavel Alekseevich, a sound health, successes in affairs and undertakings, happiness and well-being to you, your family!