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The former head of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow has brought an action the claim against Igor Trunov

Lawyer Igor Trunov representing in court interests of victims from actions of former chief OVD Tsarina`s Denis Evsjukova, has informed on December, 24th on the claim brought an action against it on behalf of the former head of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Vladimir Pronin. The last was confused with separate versions of the lawyer concerning the motives which have induced Evsjukova to go on a crime. Pronin demands to refute these statements and to pay as indemnification the sum equal to the minimum wage rate.
as lawyer Igor Trunov has explained, the corresponding notice has come to it on December, 24th though as date of the first hearing under the claim it is specified on December, 21st. A claim essence, according to the lawyer, not representing the facts data placed on a site of lawyer board. In particular, the discontent of the former chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs has caused Trunov`s assumption that in a capital supermarket quarrel not with the wife, and with the high-ranking employees of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs who also were present on celebrating of birthday Evsjukova could precede shooting. Among those Vladimir Pronin is mentioned also.

I confirmed nothing, and said that there is a version. And as the lawyer, the claimant should know that participants of process have the rights and possibilities, including to assume different versions. In what honour and advantage are discredited, I cannot understand - the lawyer is perplexed. Besides, Pronin in the claim especially underlines that has left the post at own will and for all career not to time has not been involved in summary punishment. Presented on a site of lawyer board the data can, according to the former official, to cause a considerable loss of its reputation, considering its teaching activity.

it is necessary to notice that general Pronin, making comments on incident in a supermarket Island outright action of the subordinate has not condemned. According to the general, the mental frustration of the officer connected with disorders in private life, and hard work became the event reason. Thus he named the murderer the perspective employee has noticed that before this incident major Evsjukov was characterised only from a positive side also has added that that the good professional, on Sunday all the day long was on duty in connection with celebrating of the Red hill . Thus to the figurant has put Vladimir Pronin advised to undertake cardinal steps. As has explained earlier the lawyer Irina Hrunova, on interrogations at the inspector Pronin has told: I have asked, why after the occurred events it has not committed suicide... I have told to Evsjukovu that it has shot at least three persons. Having heard it, Evsjukov has begun to cry. I have told to Evsjukovu if it had conditions to commit suicide, it could make after all events it .