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The United Nations Security Council has protected Djibouti, France and the USA

the UN Security Council has entered weapon embargo against Eritrea and has frozen foreign accounts of leaders of this African country. Her accuse of preparation and supply by the weapon of Islamic insurgents in Somalia. Besides, in the resolution of Security Council of the United Nations the appeal to Eritrea peacefully contains to settle the frontier conflict to Djibouti. According to experts, this conflict also became the main reason of introduction of sanctions. After all in Djibouti military bases two constant members of UNSF - France and the USA are located at once.
the UN Security Council decision henceforth forbids arms supplies and military equipment to Eritrea and from it. Besides, now the U.N. committee on sanctions defines the list of persons from among heads of Eritrea, and also the local companies which foreign accounts will be frozen. Thus the resolution eritrejskim to leaders forbids entrance to United Nations member countries.

the Initiator of introduction of sanctions against Eritrea still half a year as Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda united in the African intergovernmental organisation on development (IGAD) back have acted. They have accused Asmeru of support of insurgents from the Somali groupings Ash - Shabab and the Union of Islamic courts. Later experts of the United Nations have confirmed that the Somali Islamites really receive the weapon from Eritrea and in the same place have training military preparation. So Muslim Eritrea not only helped brothers on belief. Asmeroj moved desire to complicate life of the next Ethiopia which was got involved in the Intrasomali conflict and in 2006 even has entered armies for the aid to a transition government into Mogadishu.

we will remind that prior to the beginning 1990 - h years Eritrea was a part of Ethiopia. However since in 1993 under the mutual decision of the parties Eritrea has proclaimed independence, relations between neighbours began to worsen promptly. In 1998 - 2000 between them even the bloody war, carried away hundred thousand lives has flashed. Till now relations of Ethiopia and Eritrea essentially have not improved.

however, experts believe that Eritrea have punished at all for its opposition with Ethiopia and the help to Islamic insurgents in Somalia, and for the conflict with next Djibouti. Eritrea applies for some sites on border with this small country. In the beginning of year in conflict areas divisions eritrejskoj armies were put forward. To cross border they did not become, however and to fulfil world community requirements about tap of armies Eritrea also does not hasten. Meanwhile, in Djibouti, occupying strategic position on a joint of Red sea and Indian ocean, military bases two constant members of Security Council of the United Nations - France and the USA which are afraid of destabilization in this area are deployed at once.

however, experts believe that sanctions do not become accident for Eritrea. It is dictatorship of east type which will worry United Nations embargo - has declared the expert of Institute of Africa of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vadim Zajtsev. As he said, Eritrea really spent last years to 70 % of gross national product for the military purposes, including on weapon purchase in the Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Belarus. However the majority of weapon transactions carried and have illegal character so introduction of embargo in any way will not mention the country. Official Asmera in the address rejects all charges, and introduction of sanctions named a shame for the United Nations .