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Residents have invited in park

Building of objects by residents industrially - logistical park (PLP) “ Tolmachevo “ should begin next year. The agency of investment development of the Novosibirsk region, created by regional administration for realisation of project PLP, at last has managed to receive and issue the earth in the property and now can transfer to its residents. Experts consider that in present market conditions of capacity “ Tolmachevo “ are superfluous.
as the general director of Open Society " has informed „“; Agency of investment development of the Novosibirsk region “ (AIRNO) Vladimir Kozhevnikov, auction on the land selling which has been taken away under building of objects PLP, has taken place in December. Now AIRNO can start transfer of the ground areas to the companies - to residents. According to mister Kozhevnikova, uncertainty with ownership of land (and the impossibility to issue the right to it) was the main brake in project development.

Residents “ Tolmachevo “ plans on realisation of the projects, the companies " are kept; Rusdzham - Siberia “ (factory on empties manufacture), “ SibOfisStroj “ (division “ the HARDWARE - Development “), “ Mail of Russia “ “ himleksnab “ “ Growth - Info “ “ Dew “ “ the Trans-Siberian Railway - Ob “ “ Komteh “ “ promresurs “. The Total area of warehouses of the companies - residents of the first stage (logistical complexes of a class “ And “) - 1,5 - 1,6 million in sq. m. the Volume of investments into building of enterprises PLP of the first starting complex should make 4,1 mlrd rbl. Today the unique resident who not only has constructed, but also has started the object in PLP, is Open Company “ PNK - Tolmachevo “ (a logistical complex as the area of 50 thousand), Vladimir Kozhevnikov recognised sq. One more resident - Joint-Stock Company “ Logopark Tolmachevo “ (it is created by the company “ Eurasia Logistik “) - Has constructed the first stage of a logistical complex on 90 thousand in sq. m, but as head AIRNO has informed, this company and has not paid PLP technological connection to a complex infrastructure, and the object is now actually preserved. According to mister Kozhevnikova, from called before residents by this time it is exact from participation in the project Joint-Stock Company " has refused only; Kej Si of Groups “. All the others have completely executed necessary procedures and can leave on the objects when will consider it necessary. According to mister Kozhevnikova, “ investors " can accept such decision only; but, by its calculations, “ four - five “ residents there will begin civil work by spring of 2010.

not all residents divide optimism of officials. “ the project is temporarily suspended, as demands the big financial investments. Terms of decision-making on project renewal depend on terms of restoration of the financial market. That is the decision on a suspension is not connected with an agrarian question “ - have explained yesterday in a press - service “ the HARDWARE - Development “. In Joint-Stock Company “ Dew “„ “Yesterday could not answer a question on project prospects, having referred to absence of the general director.

“ we did not begin to wait for mass residents, an infrastructure already we build. There gas networks are already laid, railway access roads are under construction, the general plan is confirmed, capacities on an electrical supply - on the technopark first stage nearby 20 MVt are defined. All this infrastructure costs much, while we put this money from the budget “ - governor Victor Tolokonsky has declared, in turn. Under its data, management company PLP “ Tolmachevo “ plans to involve the credit of Foreign trade and investment bank at a rate of 1,2 mlrd rbl. for building of an infrastructure of park.

according to experts, low loading of capacities can become the main risk of the project. As operating partner DSO Consulting Sergey Djachkov considers, in existing market conditions of capacity of future warehouse complexes PLP look obviously superfluous and will not be filled still for a long time. The president Novosibirsk trading - industrial chamber (NTPP) Boris Brusilovsky assumes that demand for services of residents PLP though will decrease in immediate prospects, however “ will not reduce to zero “. “ Sooner or later development will be restored, and those companies which can strategically occupy today advantage-grounds in the market, - will win “ - the mister Brusilovsky is convinced. Thus head NTPP notices that now creation of large objects can demand smaller financial resources from - for falling of the prices for building materials.