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On buildings do not wait for growth

the Government of the Omsk region has confirmed strategy of development of building branch of region. Its basic purpose - to leave on pre-crisis volume of building of habitation - more than 1 million in sq. m a year. According to the accepted strategy, it will manage to be made only in 2015. While the region following the results of the expiring year has shown one of the sharpest reductions of volumes of input of habitation across Siberia. In 2009, according to officials, it will be entered 600 thousand in sq. m of habitation that almost it is twice less in comparison with last year.
strategy of development of building industry and the industry of building materials of region till 2015 has been presented at session of the government of the Omsk region past Wednesday. As the minister of building and housing - a municipal complex (ZHKK) Vitaly Ehrlich has informed, the main task - to leave on pre-crisis level on habitation input in region.

strategy will be carried out in two stages. In 2010 - 2012 the regional government intends to help to involve to the building companies investments into modernisation operating and creation of innovative manufactures, and also to spend re-structuring economically unpromising . At the second stage - with 2013 for 2015 - it is supposed to organise release competitive building materials with use of chemical additives and a waste of various industries .

strategy Realization will allow to keep and develop a building complex of the Omsk region. Growth of volume of investments into fixed capital in building industry sphere on 3 - 5 % at the expense of all sources of financing as a result is expected. On 7 - 9 % will grow volume of the shipped building materials of own manufacture, on 20 % - a share of the organisations making innovative production - the minister of building and ZHKK has reported. In strategy performance how many is estimated, he has not informed.

Having listened to the minister, the first deputy of the chairman of the government of region Evgenie Vdovin has suggested officials to approve strategy and routinely to finish . not so exact calculations of results of strategy Are presented, it is necessary to look once again at figures that strategy looked more precisely, it is convincing and mobilizujushche - mister Vdovin has underlined. As a result the document has been approved without special discussion.

the Omsk region shows the biggest across Siberia falling of volumes of input of habitation. According to Vitaly Ehrlich, in 2009 in region it will be placed in operation about 600 thousand in sq. m of habitation. It almost is twice less, than has been constructed in 2007 (1,1 million sq. or 2008 (1,02 million sq.) years. The same volume - about 600 thousand in sq. m - will remain, according to the ministry of building and ZHKK, in 2010 and 2011. Growth is predicted only in 2012 - planned to construct 700 thousand in sq. m of habitation. To leave on pre-crisis level in 1 million in sq. m of habitation branch, by calculations of mister Ehrlich, can only by 2015.

other statistics in other regions of Siberia. In the Kemerovo region since 2007 it is annually placed in operation on 1 million in sq. m of habitation. This year plans same. In Krasnoyarsk region for 11 months of current year it is erected 616,8 thousand in sq. m - to 12,3 % less, than for the similar period of last year. In the Tomsk region it will be handed over 363,3 thousand in sq. m - decrease in comparison with last year also on 12,3 %. In Altay territory for January - November it is placed in operation 575,2 thousand in sq. m of habitation that exceeds an indicator of 2008 on 4,2 %. At a rough guess, in 2009 in the Novosibirsk region it will be put into operation 1,01 - 1,02 million in sq. m of habitation (in 2008 - 1,39 million sq.).

Omsk builders consider that the strategy accepted by the regional government will not rescue branch. today real support of a building complex is not present. What is made that building licences faster stood out, it was easier to receive the earth and technical conditions and taxes are cheaper? We live in market economy, instead of in planned, therefore the strategy developed by the authorities unequivocally will not help - the general director of Joint-Stock Company " considers; Factory of precast concrete 6 Yury Gurinov. In its opinion, the building branch has risen only from - for absence of consumer demand. in Omsk one of the lowest standards of living of the population, in other regions of the price for habitation above, accordingly the branch works better, and buy apartments more. For example, the Ministry of Defence gets at us square metre of habitation for military men for 27,5 thousand rbl., in Tyumen - 32,4 thousand rbl., in Novosibirsk - 34 thousand rbl. - mister Gurinov has noted.

With it the general director agrees is industrial - business concern Prestige Evgenie Tsement. Capacities of Omsk building base surpass in times of requirement of region in habitation, however at us are not present gradoobrazujushchih the enterprises which would pay to people the normal salary that they could buy to themselves habitation. While we cannot sell in any way already postroennnoe habitation. Builders should prepare for searching for work outside of region - the builder has noted. According to the mayor of Omsk Victor Shrejdera, for November in Omsk was 9,5 thousand not sold apartments.

analysts consider possible restoration of pre-crisis level of input of habitation in region in intermediate term prospect however specify in some risks. owing to negative market condition of the real estate, remaining instability and absence of mass solvent demand the basic risks of strategy is potential deficiency of financing of the program. First of all regarding attraction of private investments - analyst UK " has noted; finam Management Maxim Kljagin.