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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Company Konevolesprom (an INN 2920010028, OGRN 1052920010351) Gorbatov of L. V (operating on the basis of definition arb. Vessels A05-7499/ 2009) informs on carrying out of the open auctions in the form of auction on property sale.

the auctions will take place on March, 05th, 2010 in 12. 00 hours, to the address: Arkhangelsk, avenue Chumbarova - Luchinsky, d. 7, to. 1, of. 303

the Subject of the auctions: the Prize 1 the Trailer - sortimentovoz . (The Arkhangelsk region, Plesetsk area, with. Konevo, street Onega, 1).

the Initial price of a prize of 175 000 roubles.

an auction step - 5 % from the initial price.

the deposit makes - 20 % from the initial price.

the deposit is brought not later than 25 days from the date of publication, on r/ sch 40702810304140101827 Northern branches 5494 Savings Banks of Russia Arkhangelsk, BIK 041117601.

Demands are accepted on a venue of the auctions from the date of publication of the given announcement to 03. 03. To Familiarize with the information on a subject of the auctions, the demand form, treaty provisions on the deposit 2010, other data it is possible in a demands acceptance place in the working days from 15 o`clock till 17 o`clock, at the preliminary coordination of visit by phone +7 921 290 49 30.

To participation in the auctions persons listed the deposit and presented following originals of documents, or notarially certified copies are supposed:

Legal bodies:

the Charter;

an extract from EGRJUL or EGRIP;

the document on appointment of the person having the right to operate on behalf of the applicant without the power of attorney;

the passport of the representative;

the payment document confirming entering of the deposit.

physical persons:

the passport;

the payment document confirming vneseny of the deposit.

Data on presence or absence of interest of the applicant in relation to the debtor, creditors, the competitive managing director and about character of this interest.

leading of the auctions is carried out in day of tendering. The winner of the auctions the person who has offered the greatest price admits.

the purchase and sale contract subscribes not later than 10 days from the date of tendering. Payment is carried out within 10 days from the date of the contract conclusion.