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Stephen has thrown out us for a fence

Russian bobsleisty in competitions chetverok, won by crew of American pilot Stephen Holkomba to which managed to outstrip great German Andre Lang, remained without medals. The one who really applied for them, - Alexander Zubkov - has descended already in the first attempt, on Friday, from - for broken management handles. From Vancouver the correspondent " transfers; ALEXEY of the ARMOUR.
the Russian accident has occurred in the ninth arrival in the first attempt. In bobsled crews in it start in that order in what finished in a World Cup. Alexander Zubkov in offset chetverok was in it at the tail-end a top - tens. But it did not mean anything because it, the outstanding pilot, in the previous competitions - double crews - has already shown that by results of a World Cup to judge its Olympic possibilities it is not necessary. Zubkov has extracted bronze and promised to be cut in the following discipline.

It went on a line perfectly. Hardly - hardly, on the 100-th, lagging behind the schedule of leaders. Also it was obvious that the chance to be fixed at once in a prize-winning three at this crew really is. And here there was that led by Alexander Zubkov occurred to crews extremely seldom, even on the most complicated lines like that that is constructed in Uistlere. The Russian bean has turned over.

it was then found out that a cause of accident was at all the error of the pilot. The president of Federation of bobsled and skeletona Russia Nikita Muzyrja has explained that on 11 - m a bend at Zubkov`s bean the management handle has come off. Revolution - with the refusal which has followed it of participation in other attempts - was after that is inevitable.

Remains two more Russian crews. Both is Evgenie Popova and Dmitry Abramovich, probably, have made everything that could make for these two days in Uistlere. They have not failed, have not done appreciable errors and have finished competitions on quite honourable for crews, whose role - to insure the leader, places: veteran Popov was the eighth, young and extremely perspective Abramovich - the ninth.

for gold others battled. More truly, battled - not the most correct in this case a word. Advantage of American pilot Stephen Holkomba, the world champion in chetverkah, the best in this discipline following the results of a World Cup, over competitors was extremely solid. Its colleague Lindon Rush operating flagman the Canadian crew, has told about it: Yes Stephen has simply rushed to us into a court yard and has thrown out us to hell for a fence!

Stephen Holkomb, the first American since 1948 to which managed to extract bobslejnoe gold, was the strongest in all attempts, except one - the fourth. And that because before it was already created by enormous safety factor and had possibility not to risk. The risk could deprive of spectators of the well-known victorious dance stokilogrammovyh grenadiers from the American crew to which the dispersing Curtis Tomashevicha`s kiss preceded: that has given smacking kiss to Holkomba directly in a sweaty bald head.

and still it could deprive of those who thinks as if people engaged in these sport are designed exclusively from iron muscles and cold calculation and cannot be sentimental, possibilities to see how break a stereotype. Its trainer of a national team of the USA Bryan Simmer has broken. The telecorrespondent has asked it to share impressions of historical triumph of Holkomba, and that could say one short phrase - and after that has begun to sob.

even more reporters crowded round German Andre Lang. Having won in Uistlere one week ago - in the two - the fourth gold Olympic award, the German became the greatest pilot of all times. He expected to fill up the collection of one more. Did not leave - Stephen Holkomb was too strong. But in fight for silver Lang has proved phenomenally. Before final attempt it conceded to Lindonu Rush of the nine 100-th second and has passed it so that the Canadian, even having done without serious oversights, has lost to it. The 100-th - but has lost.

Andre Lang, having received silver, has told that after the Vancouver Olympic Games it leaves sports. It, thus, was its latest descent. And he admitted that when was going to disperse a bean, tears were screwed on eyes at it: I had to make deep - a deep sigh that them to keep . It have asked, than he will be engaged now. Andre Lang has smiled: I Will start to conduct new - normal - life. However, I do not represent that this such and consequently very much I am afraid .

Men. The four
1. The USA - 1 (Stephen Holkomb, Steve Mesler, Curtis Tomashevich, Justin Olsen) - 3. 24,46.
2. Germany - 1 (Andre Lang, Kevin Kuske, Alexander Rediger, Martin Puttse) - 3. 24,84.
3. Canada - 1 (Lindon Rush, David Bissett, Laskelles Brown, Chris Le Bigan) - 3. 24,85...
8. Russia - 3 (Evgenie Popov, Alexey Kireev, Denis Moisejchenkov, Andrey Jurkov) - 3. 26,13.
9. Russia - 1 (Dmitry Abramovich, the Novel of Hazel groves, Sergey Prudnikov, Dmitry Stepushkin) - 3. 26,25.