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On distance of the extended ski

Last kind in the program of the Olympic female cross-countries - weights - start on 30 km classical style - was won by Justina Kovalchik from Poland. It has outstripped the triple Olympic champion Norwegian Marit Borgen of all on 0,3 seconds the Third prize-winner there was Finn Ajno Kaisa Saarinen who has lagged behind the winner on 1. 05,0 seconds the Best of three our participants of race double world champion Olga Zavyalov finished through 4. 12, 6 seconds after the winner also has occupied 23 - e a place. And Olga Rocheva and Olga ShChuchkina have shown accordingly 30 - j and 38 - j results. Valery MIRONOV - from Uistlera.
From the first metres of a distance race was headed by Ajno Kaisa Saarinen and Justina Kovalchik. Olga Zavyalov, unique of our Trinity starting in so-called red group of the strongest, was attached after titled Estonian Christina Shmigun and long enough maintained the rate set by leaders. Through 5 km the Russian occupied 12 - ju a position, but thus conceded poljachke only 4,9 seconds And through pair kilometres it was already 21 - j, and its backlog from Norwegian Kristin Stejry in the lead at that time has increased to 12,6 seconds To 10 - mu km it has reached 18,8 seconds

On half of way gradually the group of skiers into which under the direction of Kovalchik 14 sportswomen have entered was generated. But Olga Zavjalovoj among them, alas, it was visible not. It during this moment has receded on 25 - ju a position and ran in 42,6 sek behind. To 20 - mu km the situation practically has not changed. Kovalchik on - former ahead, behind it Stejra, Maryanna Long from Italy, German Evi Zahenbaher - Shtele. Triple Olympic champion Marit Borgen though and in 12 seconds, but keeps the eighth. Olga Zavyalov lags behind in the meantime already on 51 seconds And through pair kilometres of Borgen has decided that its time has come to leave a shade of other racers, and has sharply escaped forward. Kovalchik, however, is on the alert, jerk of the Norwegian catches and directs after it. She categorically does not wish to release the terrible competitor far as perfectly understands how much it can be dangerous. Meanwhile do not want to lag behind and Saarinen with Stejroj. With hardly smaller, truth, speed, but in a pursuit they direct also. Borgen, however, speed increases from metre to metre. It is visible, as on liftings at Kovalchik rake skis, but together both of them from pair Saarinen - Stejra all - taki leave all further and further. Kovalchik very much aspires to come nearer to Borgen to sit down that on a tail. In this aspiration it so has sweated, what even the misted over points has removed and has thrown out on a roadside. It became clear that for the first - the second places will lead struggle only these two skiers. However, not less clearly that bronze will be challenged by Saarinen and Stejra.

Kovalchik has rested against a back of Borgen when there have been passed 25 km of a distance. Here Saarinen has decided to replace skis and has for a short while lost the third position in race, having conceded to its Kristin Stejre. That on it stayed not for long: approximately through 3 km the Finn on fresh skis what, however, also followed expect, has moved it and has directed to finish in proud loneliness. And Stejru were soon bypassed also by German Evi Zahenbaher - Shtele.

For kilometre with small to finish Kovalchik podnatuzhilas and Borgen all - taki has bypassed. Already that has hidden at poljachki behind the back. Together they go to last lifting, and after Kovalchik excites rate on descent and is rolled out on stadium. Borgen comes to it on heels up to last turn literally, then passes to an external ski track. It seemed that the last of 70 metres they ran a nose in a nose already whole eternity... But Kovalchik all - taki has managed to defend the position. And it has outstripped Borgen on 0,3 seconds - and it almost all length of its ski. Saarinen and finished in loneliness, but after the winner more than for a minute.

37 - summer Olga Zavyalov left in a zone of dialogue with journalists with the eyes full of tears. certainly, me it is very sad, as on last my Games I wanted to act better - she has told. Also has complained any more of badly greased skis as it was after relay race, and on absence of due sports standards which she has not managed to type to Games from - for unsuccessfully spent to them preparation. In addition has caught a cold and the patient ran.

the head coach of Russian national team Yury Charkovsky admitted that in weights - start he did not hope for serious result. But also that it will appear so pitiable, did not think. our skiers have approached to the Olympic Games basically in the disassembled condition, - he has told. - and greasing here it is perfect at anything. Today their movements were tightened, neither vivacities, nor on a distance they have not shown fighting spirit. And miscalculations in a technique and podvodke to the main starts of a season " are guilty;.

Women. Weights - start, 30 km, classical style

1. Justina Kovalchik (Poland) - 1:30. 33,7.
2. Marit Borgen (Norway) - backlog 0,3.
3. Ajno Kaisa Saarinen (Finland) - 1. 05,0...
23. Olga Zavyalov - 4. 12,6...
30. Olga Rocheva - 6. 41,8...
38. Olga ShChuchkina (all - Russia) - 7. 56,6.