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The three has appeared the two

the List of insulting Russian defeats on the present Olympic Games has filled up defeat in a kind of the skating program seeming to most reliable - female command race. Russians who were considered as one of the basic pretenders to gold, have left struggle for medals already in a quarterfinal in spite of the fact that the Polish three looking the hopeless outsider was their contender. With details from Vancouver - the correspondent ALEXEY of the ARMOUR.
in this discipline - command female race - the medal, appear, Russia has been guaranteed. At least, same what has been won four years ago in Turin, - bronze. Also there is nothing surprising that trainers of a skating national team named this failure by shock.

in favour of a Russian team told much. Results of a World Cup in which it went after Canada, having won one of stages. Results of individual skating starts which have already taken place in Vancouver in which the Russians preparing for participation in race, can, and have not flashed, but, at least, and have not failed. At last, a toss-up, defined it in the competitor on a Friday quarterfinal poljachek - more favorably the variant could not like be found.

in this rivalry to Poland the brave player could put only absolutely. Best of three skaters in its structure on a distance of 1500 m (namely on polutorke usually judge possibilities of skaters in command race) there was Katarzhina Bahleda - Tsurus - it has occupied 15 - e a place. Meanwhile one of three Russian skaters - Ekaterina Shihova - became on it 9 - j, and Ekaterina Lobysheva - 11 - j.

Russians were in the lead. Business went to a confident exit to a semi-final when metres for 200 to beginning suddenly finish sharply to hand over the third Russian - Galina Lihacheva. The senior trainer of Russian national team Vladimir Filippov said that on a distance at Lihachevoj has seized feet also admitted: that it will occur that it will lag behind partners of second keeping high speed on four, nobody could expect.

so instead of big or at least bronze the ending the Russian team has got in what, probably, in vain name consolatory because whom it can console? It was Saturday running for the seventh place with Korea, in which Lihacheva any more did not act - it have replaced with Alla Shabanov.

to congratulate on the seventh place Ekaterina Lobyshevu it was silly. I have simply asked that, under its version, happen the day before. It did not begin to evade from the direct answer: we and did not manage To Galina to talk after that running. So... Know, I had an impression that she was afraid to lose a place in a command and consequently has warned nobody that is in poor condition. And it was impossible to notice it. On trainings it basically carried out all. But, understand, trainings are other speeds! Lobysheva till now, after days, endured that misfire: the Most insulting, at us after all was whom it to replace. Alla Shabanov was perfectly ready, to the last went for a drive together with us. Also what turns out, what at us everyone for itself? In a command kind! All work to nothing. And it is not important that has carried with a toss-up that Canadians too have taken off in a quarterfinal...

she for certain saw, as soon as that in a semi-final have ideally shown that such the present command, Germans. Anna Frizinger - Postma most titled in their structure, the double Olympic champion, too has started to hand over more close to finish, being hardly kept for partners of Shtefani Bekert and Danieloj Anshjuts - Toms. Feet at Frizinger gave away, while it really has not fallen. But it could not allow to outstrip the three to a three American and has crossed finishing line, lying on a stomach and helping itself to reach it, apparently, not only hands, but also teeth, biting them into Vancouver ice and something thus loudly crying out. The American trainers already thinking that it has terribly carried, caught at heads, seeing, as the veteran of German skating sports in a literal sense creeps it over road to the ending. It was improbable, unique in own way a show.

for the sake of this episode it was necessary to arrive on Saturday on Pacific Oval. As well as for the sake of the female ending in which Germans, already without Frizinger - Postmy who has changed Katrin Mattsherodt, the two 100-th seconds have won all against Japanese. As well as for the sake of the ending man`s. During it on tribunes there was an improbable noise, and, is not excluded, only thanks to it Canadians nevertheless could beat a team of the USA.

command races
1. Canada (Mate to Fat, Lukash Makovsky, Denni Morrison, Francois Olivier Roberzhe) - 3. 41,37.
2. The USA (Bryan Hanssen, Ched Hedrik, Dzhonatan Cook, Trevor Marsikano) - 3. 41,58.
3. Holland (Jan Blokhejsen, Sven Kramer, Simon Kejpers, Mark Tejtert) - 3. 39,95.

1. Germany (Daniela Anshjuts - Toms, Shtefani Bekert, Anni Frizinger - Postma, Katrin Mattsherodt) - 3. 02,82.
2. Japan (Masako Hodzumi, Nao Kodajra, Maki Tabata, Miho Takagi) - 3. 02,84.
3. Poland (Katarzhina Bahleda - Tsurus, Natalia Chervonka, Katarzhina Voznjak, Louise Zlotkovska) - 3. 03,73...
7. Russia (Galina Lihacheva, Ekaterina Lobysheva, Alla Shabanov, Ekaterina Shihova) - 3. 06,47.