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Finland has authorised on Nord Stream

Finland on February, 12th has given the second building licence Nord Stream in the territory. Thus, the project is approved by all countries in which water area the gas pipeline will be laid.
in 2009 the operator of project Nord Stream AG has obtained the permit from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Russia. Finland should approve also gas pipeline building according to the law on water area use, reminds RIA News . On February, 11th the head of representation Nord Stream in EU Sebastjan Sass has confirmed that building is planned to begin according to the schedule - in April, 2010 with the Swedish piece of the pipeline. Nord Stream is essentially new route for export of the Russian gas to Europe, on the markets of Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France and Denmark. A gas pipeline in the extent of 1,22 thousand in km and capacity 55 mlrd cubic The m a year will pass on a bottom of Baltic sea from Russia (Vyborg) to Germany (Grajfsvald). Commissioning of the first thread of a gas pipeline by throughput 27,5 mlrd a year is planned by cubic m of gas for 2011