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the Open auctions on property sale Open Company Vodmaks in the form of auction with the open form of giving of offers at the price will take place 30 March, 2010 in 11. 00 in a building dispatching-lifting, located about the Uhlan - Ude, Shalyapin`s street, d. 5 D office. 1.

will organise and the competitive managing director of Open Company " holds the auctions; Vodmaks A. V.Vampilov.

On the auctions the following property of Open Company " is exposed; Vodmaks :

the Prize 1 - shop for water pouring, the area 588, 8 sq. m., a letter And inv. 3179, conditional number 03-03-11/ 003/ 2009-228, the Barguzinsky area located to the address, with. Maksimiha, street East, d. 26; the ground area, the area of 5000 sq. m., the earths of settlements, cadastral number 03:01:140110:8, the Barguzinsky area located to the address, with. Maksimiha.

the Initial price Lota 1 makes 1 741 000 (one million seven hundred forty one thousand) the rbl.

the Winner of the auctions admits the participant who has offered the highest price for a prize exposed on sale.

the announcement of winners to be made by the commission in day of tendering that is fixed in the report on results of the auctions which Lota and all committee-men subscribes the Winner exposed on sale.

the winner of the auctions is obliged to conclude with the Seller the contract of purchase and sale within 10 days and to pay the cost of property established by results of the auctions, not later than 30 days from the date of summarising of the auctions.

for participation in the auctions the applicant is obliged to issue the Demand, to conclude the contract on the deposit and to bring the deposit in time not later 17:00 24 March, 2010 at a rate of 25 000 (twenty five thousand) rbl. on Open Company settlement account Vodmaks An INN 0301002756, a check point 030101001, r/ with 40702810000010000698, in Baikalsk Open Society branch Russia - BANK the Uhlan - Ude, to/ with 30101810400000000714, BIK 048142714 or in cash desk of the debtor. For participation in the auctions the applicant is obliged to familiarise with Order and conditions of tendering and to undersign for acquaintance.

acquaintance with conditions of tender, characteristics of object of the auctions, other information on the auctions and demands acceptance is spent to the address: 670002, Republic Buryatiya, the Uhlan - Ude, street Limonova, d. 3, office of competitive managing director A. V.Vampilova with 11. 00 to 12. 00 in the working days. Demands are accepted only in the specified form, demands directed by mail, to e-mail are not accepted and are not considered.

following documents should be enclosed to the demand:

for legal bodies: Acknowledgement of payment of the deposit, certified copies of the charter, certificates on the state registration, assignment OGRN, on statement on the tax account, an extract from EGRJUL; the controls decision jur. Persons about property acquisition; the documents confirming powers of the person, making an application.

for physical persons: acknowledgement of payment of the deposit, a passport copy, notarially - the certified consent of the spouse (hectare) to property acquisition.

the additional information on bodies. (301 - 2) 44 - 76 - 44, 44 - 52 - 12.