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In connection with absence of demands the organizer of auctions KU Jankovym O. I (8 - 951 - 327 - 98 - 92) the decision on a recognition not taken place the repeated open auctions in the form of auction on property sale Open Society " is accepted; Glushkovsky creamery uniform a prize, which should take place 02. 03. 2010 in 14. 00 hours to the address: Kursk region, Glushkovsky r - n, the item of Glushkovo, M.Gorkogo`s lane, d. 1.

the Organizer of auctions KU Jankovoj O. I holds the auctions by means of the public offer on sale of property of Open Society Glushkovsky creamery a uniform prize, In a prize 1 enter: 14 objects of real estate, 4 constructions, 3 vehicles, 1 object of not complete building, 78 units of equipment, 89 units stocks. The initial price: 3015000 (three million fifteen thousand) roubles. The deposit - 20 %. Place of acquaintance with property, the technical documentation, conditions of tender, givings of demands, tendering and leading of results: Kursk region, Glushkovsky r - n, the item of Glushkovo, the lane of M Bitter, d. 1. Entering of the deposit and property payment is carried out on requisites: r/ with 40702810100060002229 in FZAO Gazenergoprombank to/ with 30101810700000000772, BIK 043807772, an INN 4603000424, a check point 460301001. Demands are accepted with 09. 03. 2010 on 12. 04. 2010 on the working days with 9. 00 to 12. 00 hours. In day of application the contract on the deposit consists. Last day deposit payments: 13. 04. 2010 the Winner of the auctions the participant who has presented the first when due hereunder the demand containing the offer on the price not below initial and admits has brought the deposit. Last day summarising of the auctions and signing of the Report on results of the auctions - 15. 04. 2010