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The president of Tajikistan has reserved parliament

Race for power

the Central Electoral Commission of Tajikistan yesterday declared preliminary results of the parliamentary elections which have taken place the day before. As well as observers predicted, the victory was gained by the correcting Is national - the democratic party of Tajikistan which has received 71,69 % of votes, taken part in voting. The second and third places with the big backlog were occupied oppositional with Party of Islamic revival and the Communist party, the typed 7,74 % and 7,22 % of voices accordingly. Besides, the necessary five-percentage barrier was overcome loyal to the president of Tajikistan by Emomali Rahmonu Party of economic reforms and Country party. As head of TsIKa Mirzoali Boltuev has declared yesterday, it is a question of preliminary results as while from - for weather conditions bulletins are not delivered from Is mountain - Badahshansky autonomous region, and also from the far abroad countries. Definitive results become known within a week. However, in doubt there is only exact number of mandates with which help correcting It is national - the democratic party will supervise 63 - local parliament. Meanwhile the international observers mark the numerous infringements fixed during Sunday voting. So, the vice-president of Parliamentary assembly of OSCE Pia Kristmas - Muller has declared that elections did not correspond to many basic obligations of OSCE . Observers from OSCE have noted gross infringements in the election day, including high prevalence of family voting, voting for other persons and cases vbrosa bulletins.